Monday, November 21, 2011

Un choque de carro

So, I woke up late today..surprise surprise, but I still made it to class on (Peruvian) time so all is well.  In Peruvian Social Reality today we finished talking about Alberto Fujimori and his presidency.  It was interesting.  It's amazing to learn about how many people actually supported Fujimori and his dictatorship.  It's mostly because he is the one who stopped the Sendero Luminoso (terrorist organization) and he brought order to the country, although it was brought to order using guards with guns. :/  Anyway, also it would be great if you could keep praying for my professor's son.  His son is not doing that will and still has a lot of pain.  I know that they need and would really appreciate the continued prayers!

Anyway, after class, I ate lunch and relaxed in the sun with my amigos.  Also, I spent some time looking into the Arequipa/Puno trip which will be next week!!!  That's crazy because that means the week after I am leaving!  Time is flying!  I'm so excited for the coming weeks here and I'm excited to head back to the states.  It's going to be so bittersweet.  By the way, thanks for sticking with me through all of my adventures that I have been on.

During my Spanish Writing Workshop class, we worked on simplifying/identifying sentences with metaphors and figurative language.  It was kind of tough.  It was difficult to understand the content of some of the paragraphs with all of the ridiculous metaphors and figurative language, but I tried.  We're also still working on our final papers in that class and that is going pretty well.  Finally, my last class of the day was Ethnography.  We watched a video and then talked about leadership in the Amazon.  We also got our second paper back!  I did really good on it! Woo! :)  Also, we got our last paper prompt today.  It should be fairly easy so I'm excited to get that out of the way. :)

Finally, it's time for a micro/only in Lima story.  Tonisha and I were on the micro ride home and we came across an accident on our side of the road.  There was a truck tipped over and there were firefighters there.  The traffic from our side of the road was going to the other side of the street so that it would be only a two-way street.  Well, now of this traffic nonsense was being directed and it was crazy.  We got part way down the street and there were cars coming at us so everyone in our lane started crossing over the median.  It was funny and Tonisha and I were talking about how that would probably never happy in the states! :)

Anyway, I'm planning on finishing paper #1 for the week tonight, so I'm going to get to work. :)  I hope you all have wonderful nights!  Also, don't forget to vote for ILS at!!!  We finally moved to spot 24, but we need to keep moving up!  Thanks!

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