Saturday, November 12, 2011

Día de las películas

So Tonisha and I's sleepover was last night and it was wonderful.  And of course we were smart enough last night to save enough Cinnamon Toast Crunch so that we could each have a bowl for breakfast.  We savored every last bite of it, but we were both really sad when it was gone.
Sad that the Cinnamon Toast Crunch is gone.
Anyway, after breakfast, we watched Just Like Heaven and Despicable Me.  Both are really good movies. :)  Before I tell you the rest of my day, know that it is only filled with movies.  Today, I dedicated my day to doing nothing.  I do have a paper that is due this week that I should be working on, but that's what Sundays are for.  So if there's no blog tomorrow, you can blame it on my paper and the fact that I spent my Saturday in movie land.  Anyway, after Tonisha and I watched those two movies it was already the afternoon and we were both starving.  We went to Crepes & Waffles for lunch where we both got the most unhealthy waffes in the world.  I got waffles that had strawberry jam spread over them, plus real strawberries, plus whipped cream, plus vanilla and strawberry ice cream!  See what I'm saying...unhealthy!  Tonisha's also had ice cream, but substitute all of my "strawberries" for manjarblanco.  They were so good.  We then walked back to my house and she grabbed her things and headed out. :(  That was a sad moment.  Probably not as sad as it will be when we say goodbye in a month, but still sad. ;)

Anyway, I have watched two more movies this afternoon/tonight...Charlie St. Cloud and Fireproof.  Both of these are good movies, too.  And right now I'm getting ready to watch Larry Crowne.  We'll see if I watch another one after that. :)  I do have some exciting news that doesn't involve movies.  My mom had two friends over tonight and the one man went to school at University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  I thought that was cool because then he knew where Peoria was!  That's the closest someone has known my area.  Most people just know Chicago, Illinois.  It made me happy. :)  Anyway, I hope you all had Saturdays.  I hope it was productive if you needed it to be and/or I hope it was relaxed (like mine) if that's what you needed. :)  Have a good night and Sunday!

Also, don't forget to vote for ILS online and through text everyday!  And don't forget to tell your friends!  It would mean a lot to me!  We're at 32, but we need to keep moving down in rank!

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