Sunday, November 20, 2011

El primer santo

So of course I slept in again today.  I wasn't exactly planning on it, but since I stayed out late last night at Jen's house, I needed the extra sleep.  Anyway, the past two days I've woken up and my abs feel like I did 1000 sit-ups the day before.  It's from surfing!  I would've thought just my arms and legs would hurt, but my legs haven't been sore at all and my shoulders are slightly sore, but really it's just my abs.  The abs really are the core of your body and I'm assuming mine are sore from getting up on the board and from trying to balance.  Crazy!  People always say that ab strength is key, I'd believe it!

Anyway, I really didn't have much time to do anything this morning, except for write yesterday's blog, before I headed out with my mom for lunch.  Today was the first birthday of my host mom's granddaughter, Paula, so we went out to eat with her daughter's family at San Antonio, which was a good time.  Her grandson, Tomás, is so energetic and he was definitely keeping us all entertained during lunch.  He wants to come live with me because he wants to be in a place where there is snow, wind, and rain.  I told him I lived in a place like that and then he said he would come live with me. :)  He would not stop talking about the snow.  It was so cute.

The beautiful birthday girl, Paula

Tomás ready for some cake. :)
After lunch, we went to my host mom's daughter's house and we hung out there for awhile before all the guests arrived for Paula's birthday party.  While we waited, I played with legos with Tomás, his mom, and my host mom.  Then, the guests arrived and we just hung out and talked.  I talked with a woman who grew up with Vanessa (my host mom's daughter) and she just came back to Peru two months ago.  She's been in the United States for 20 years studying and working!  Isn't that crazy!  I love Peru, but I couldn't imagine being here for 20 years and then heading back to the U.S.  We talked about how much Peru has changed since she's been here last so that was a very interesting conversation.  She said that she feels like she's in a totally different country.  Also, I asked her about the American food question to see what she thought and the very first thing out of her mouth was that we have SO many different influences, which is true, but nobody ever understands that when I say it. :)  She likes Peruvian food better, but she loves the informality of the U.S. in comparison to Peru.  I had a good time. :)

But, of course, I was out for six/seven hours, so now I have a lot to do!  I have to get to work on all the things I have to do within this next week.  It should be very interesting.  I can't believe the day is almost here.  It's kind of freaky. :/

Also, please don't forget to vote for Illinois Leadership Seminar at
We've been at #25 for a solid three days, but we need to get to under #15 in a little over a week!  Please keep voting and please keep reminding your friends.  Also, don't forget to text, too.  Every vote counts!  Pick up your phone right now, because I know it's sitting right next to you and text 109528 to Pepsi (73774)!  It's easy, try it and you'll see!  Thanks!  Buenas noches!

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