Monday, November 14, 2011


So I have a favor to ask you all and it's important:  stop reading this blog right this second and say a short prayer for my professor's youngest son.  He was hit by a car last week and is in serious condition.  I don't know a ton of the details, but you don't need the details in order to pray.

Anyway, needless to say, we didn't have Peruvian Social Reality today.  Our professor has been with his heavily-sedated son for five days straight and they are waiting for him to get a metal plate put in his head they are praying that there is no neurological damage.  Please pray for their family.  I know they would appreciate it.

Anyway, since we didn't have class, I took the opportunity to do some Cine homework and just relax and then I spent lunchtime relaxing as well.  It got soo hot during lunch.  I almost couldn't breathe because of the heat, but it got better in the afternoon.  It actually "rained" (aka sprinkled) this evening.  In Spanish Writing Workshop, we spent more time on subjunctive.  Subjunctive has a plethora of uses.  It's quite annoying actually, but I feel like I'm starting to grasp it more and more every week.  We also are starting to research for our final papers.  We are able to use papers from other classes for our final paper in the Spanish Writing Workshop and I think I'm going to use what will be my final paper for Peruvian Social Reality.  I think I am going to do my paper on Afro-Peruvians and their culture/identity.  It should be interesting, hopefully, because I am planning on it being the basis for my Senior thesis that I will be doing next semester.

After Spanish, I had Etnografía Amazónica.  We discussed more rituals in the Amazon, like the rituals for when girls and boys become men and women, funerals, body modifications, and we talked about shrunken heads. :)  And like I said in my last blog, our papers are due on Wednesday, so I have time to tweak mine if I want.

Anyway, on the micro home, the cobrador tried asking for more money and I started my usual argument, but then it was unnecessary because the girl next to me defended me.  Of course in order to defend me all you have to say is "She's foreign," which is exactly what she said like three times.  Then, the cobrador just walked away and I turned to the girl and said, "Gracias" (Thank you).  It was cute.  Other than that nothing happened tonight.  I have just been relaxing like I do most nights.

And now, it's time for my vote for ILS blurb... VOTE FOR ILS!!  It's really important to me!  We are currently ranked at 30, but we still need to get to 15 or lower.  Apparently, the top 29 spots have been promoting their projects by telling people to text in everywhere they go.  Now, I can't really do that so I'm counting on you guys to tell everyone that you know to text and vote online everyday!  I'm expecting you to make an announcement to everyone in your regular coffee shop.  I'm expecting you to send annoying chain e-mails everyday to everyone.  I'm expecting you to bride your friends with pixie sticks so that they vote.  Okay, obviously, I'm not actually expecting you to do any of this, but if you do...GOOD FOR YOU!!! AND THANK YOU!  And if you don't do any of those things, I still want to say thank you.  Every vote counts.

Okay, if my little blurb above doesn't help you to vote then watch this video.  If this video doesn't cause you to get people to vote, then I wish that I could show you the smile that comes across my face when I watch it because it truly is an amazing cause and it really is everything this video shows and more!

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