Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Parque del Retiro

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was busy feeding ducks... no really, I was.

School was really good yesterday. I had my my favorite class yesterday twice. I know your not supposed to have favorites, but they are just really smart and well behaved and they make me feel happy. :) Also, I had another kindergarten class and those are always fun to go to. They are so cute and welcoming and once again, I surprisingly sang in front of the whole class the ABC song..twice! Also, I am beginning to forget English words for things, which is not good because my main purpose is to remember those words and teach them! For example, I forgot the word for smocks, security deposit, etc. Luckily, I remember them eventually, but it's kind of frustrating to be the "English master" and to forget words.

After school, I came home and one of my roommates and her friends were painting their nails and they invited me to do so, also. So I of course said yes! We painted our nails for quite awhile and then our landlord came over so that we (Lucia and I) could finally look at the contract. We didn't spend much time looking at the contract because we took off for Parque del Retiro, which is a huge park near Madrid's center. I guess it's not huge in comparison to Central Park (it's about 430 acres less), but it's still big and I did not see a lot of the park yet. Our main purpose of going to the park was so that we could feed the ducks. And it was really fun! We saw different colors of ducks and one cute little duckling! And black swans! Also, did you know that swans make the most adorable noise in the world! I thought they sounded like geese..they do not.


Palacio de Cristal
That duck is very unsure about this...
but he still came over and ate
Black swans!
After Retiro, the other girls bought a carton of ice cream and we shared some. It tasted like bubble gum or IncaKola and I didn't really like it that much, but that's okay. I really didn't need ice cream, especially before dinner. We walked around for a little longer. They wanted to go to Claire's, but it was closed. However, I got to see the Puerta de Alcala, which is a known location in Madrid and I also saw the city hall of Madrid, which used to be the post office. There are a lot of other important buildings and monuments in that area, but I couldn't get fantastic pictures on my phone, so I thought I would wait to tell you about them until I get better pictures.
Ice Cream!
Puerta de Alcala
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We got home late-ish and I ate a late dinner at around 11 or so. I was too tired to blog so I went to bed and here I am blogging now. I hope you all had great days and I will hopefully get to today's blog soon! Hasta luego!

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