Wednesday, October 9, 2013

HipHop Creativo

My day went well today? How about your's? As I was walking to school from the train station, a teacher that I don't know all that well (but who I've seen at the school) picked me up and gave me a ride the rest of the way. I thought that this was a very nice gesture and her and I had a nice conversation. Once at school, I had a full day of classes, Science, kindergarten, and English. Most students are starting to get a handle on the classroom objects; however, the pronunciation could use some work, which is expected. Heck, I still don't pronounce stuff right in Spanish after eight years and that whole rolling of the r's thing is out the window for me.ugh. Anyway, I had a good day and the students weren't too wild.

Once I got home I relaxed with my roommate Herminia and Lucia soon joined us. Lucia and I waited for our landlord to come so that we could sign the contract for this place. We had some questions about the contract, but we got it all figured out. We crossed our t's and dotted our i's. And the landlord showed us where to check the numbers for the gas, water, and electricity for when those bills come..yayy.. After he left at 7:25, Lucia and I rushed to get ready to go to a dance class (that starts at 7:30) that she has been going to. I've never run so fast to the metro in my life. I don't know what time we strolled into the class, but luckily they were still warming up. It was a really fun class and boy do I like to dance! It was a HipHop class so he taught us a short combination and then a longer one, that he will add to next week. Unfortunately, I start have private classes on Wednesday of next week so I will not be able to go. But I hope to go to different dance classes later on (when I get my paycheck..haha), plus, although I like HipHop, it would not be my first choice in classes to take.

After class, we headed back home, ate dinner, and watched El Hormiguero. On the talk show, one of the hosts took an "English class" and he was learning the pronunciation of beer, beard, bird, and bear and it was quite comical for me. I don't think it was as comical for my roommates, but I enjoyed it. After that, I have just been blogging and hanging out. Also, I shared some of my previous dance videos with my roommates and Lucia showed me some of hers. She has a channel full of videos and it seems like she's very popular on YouTube, so I'll share her channel with you. She is a good singer! I often hear her singing in her room. It's awesome..she serenades the apartment! Anyway, click here to see her channel. It's pretty great!

Hasta mañana! Que tengas una buena noche!

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