Monday, October 7, 2013

Clases particulares

Hello all, so I don't work Mondays, which is pretty nice, so I decided to devote my day to getting some things done. I started my morning with decorating/cleaning my room! I put up some pictures and the Spanish flag. It's nothing much, but I definitely feel better in my room, than I did before.

As for the Coca-Cola can...yesterday, Stephanie, Karin, and I stopped in a store to get a slice of delicious pizza for lunch and I wanted to get a water, so I went looking for the refrigerated drinks. When I was looking, the Coke can with my name on it was right in front of my face screaming my name, plus there was no cold water, so I was forced to buy the Coke calling my name. Coca-Cola started this "Share a Coke" campaign at the beginning of the summer and I think it's pretty cool marketing. It worked on me anyway. :)

Anyway, back to my day today. After decorating, I went to the bank to try and get an account. Unfortunately, I can't do that yet because I don't have my TIE (Foreign Identification Card). However, I did get an e-mail today saying that I have my appointment to get it, but that is not until the end of November, but I've heard many rumors that I can get a bank account as long as I have my appointment to get my TIE. After the very short trip to the bank, I went back to my place and figured out what groceries I needed. Then headed to the store to pick up those groceries. I made lunch and then just hung out for a little bit.

After my day of relaxing, I headed to my school to meet two parents and their children that I will be privately tutoring. I will be tutoring two twelve year old girls and one of the mothers wants me to tutor her as well. One of the girls also has an eight year old sister that I might tutor as well. Also, I have two more private classes set up for this week on Thursday, so I will have extra income coming in. It will be nice and by word of mouth I'm sure I will receive even more calls for classes. Tonight I spent two hours total with the girls. The older girls have an English test tomorrow so I helped them study for that. It's kind of stressful to come up with things on the spot, but that's part of a teacher's job description. Some of the vocabulary on the review was on household furniture, appliances, and rooms. So I made them give me a tour of the house, which I think they enjoyed. They also both have a really good grasp on English already and their pronunciation is pretty good. It gives me hope for the first graders that I'm teaching at school. After the private lesson, I headed back home on the train and made dinner which didn't consist of pasta or a turkey sandwich, which is what I have been having for the past two weeks. And now I'm writing this blog. The plan for tonight is to watch El Hormiguero and La Voz (The Voice--Spanish edition) with my roommates because one of my roommates has a friend that will be singing on The Voice tonight, which is pretty cool. Anyway, I hope you all had fantastic Mondays and I am sorry that you didn't get a day off like I did. Hasta mañana.

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