Friday, October 4, 2013

Hice ejercicio

Okay, so sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but it was a long day. You know how I was talking about how you have to consider a lot of things while commuting..Well, I got up in the morning and walked to the metro station only to realize that my line was not operating. I know this area like the back of my hand from piso searching and knew I could just take the other line and get to where I was going in a roundabout way. However, I heard a guy asking a metro-guy about which bus to take to the train station. I figured rather than taking the roundabout way, I would catch a bus, it would be I thought. I asked if he could take me with him since I don't know anything about the buses and he said "yes." As we were looking at the bus schedule it seemed that it was coming from where we wanted to go, rather than going there, but I trusted the Spaniard and got on the bus anyway. As soon as we started moving, I knew we were headed in the wrong I said, I know the area very well. I started I get off and take the other metro line, do I stay on and see where it takes us? As soon as we got to where another metro line was, I had to make a decision and as the doors were closing, I got off the bus. I tried to signal to the guy who was originally helping me that I was getting off and that it was going the wrong way, but in the stress of the moment I stumbled over my words, so I have no idea if he noticed. I really hope he did or I would feel awful that I couldn't return the help since he was helping me to begin with.

Anyway, school was pretty good. I had three English classes in the morning with three different teachers and classes. It's exhausting working with that many different people just because they all have different teaching styles and methods, but it is giving me a variety of experience in the classroom. Also, all the students are learning the same thing, so at least the material is consistent (names, age, colors, numbers, weather, etc.). After lunch, I had two more classes. One was a kindergarten class and they were in stations working on different activities: crafts, numbers, letters, and playing house. I walked around to each station and talked with them. It was really fun and not to toot my own horn, but the kindergarteners love me. They yell from across the playground to say "Hello, Andrea" a thousand times in a row. It's pretty adorable. After that class, I had a Science class, where again the students are learning about the school. We started using their book today, but they were too noisy towards the end of class, so they were forced to put them up and be silent for the last few minutes of class.

I took the train and metro home (it was operating again) and hung out for a little bit. I ate a snack, then met up with Stephanie and Karin to go to a free fitness program that is offered in a park here in Madrid. It was a really good workout. I was the slowest one in the group, but you have to start somewhere, right? We did five circuits that involved jogging, hills, sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees. After all of that, we did a 15 minute session of yoga to stretch. Then, I went to Karin's house for dinner again and that was at like 10 p.m. As Karin said, "We were embracing the Spanish dinner time." I then went home and worked on a presentation about myself for school, so I didn't have time to blog. But, that's really it for yesterday. Watch out for a blog about today. :) Hasta luego.

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