Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aprender inglés

Today, I got to school early because supposedly there is a three day train strike going on, so I wanted to be sure that I left enough time, just in case the trains didn't come as often. However, I think they actually came more frequently. Haha. I got there really early, but I will probably still leave early again tomorrow just to be safe. School went pretty well today, too. The students are now learning Halloween-y vocabulary to celebrate this week like ghost, pumpkin, witch, zombie, skeleton, etc. It's really cute. And they read a story and learned a song about a big, green monster. Click here to listen to the song that they learned. They also got to pick out a mask and color them and they will wear them on Thursday. They also are just starting to learn parts of the body, so the students got to draw their own monsters and then described how many ears, eyes, arms, teeth, etc. that they had. Also, on another note, my students have taken to trying to teach me Spanish, since they think I don't know it. The classes have changed from me as a teacher to me as a student. It's a little distracting in class, but it's also really cute because they try and get me to say all of these Spanish words and I act like I don't know what they mean. It's also good for them because they are learning more English in a sense. For example, a student wanted me to say "camiseta" (t-shirt) and he pointed at it to indicate what it meant. Then, I said "t-shirt" and he said "camiseta." Then, I said "camiseta" and he said, "t-shirt." You kinda had to be there to see the connection happen, but he definitely learned that a camiseta is called a t-shirt. Also, they get really excited to teach me things. Anyway, that was in the 1st grade class. I also had one kindergarten class today where we sang "I'm a nut" again. It was so much cuter the second time, especially because after singing the song they went to their respective play stations (house, construction, art, etc.) and I heard some students singing it to themselves. Adorable.

After school, I went home and relaxed. And by relaxed, I mean I had a stressful time trying to figure out this weekend. We're planning to go to Granada, but other than our plan to go there, we have no other arrangements made... no transportation, no lodging, no guarantee of the places to go. And it is quite frustrating. There is a tour card, that I think looks like a good deal, but not everyone wants to do it and I don't necessarily want to do it alone, but I could. And plus, I'm second guessing if it is a good deal, but it guarantees getting into the Alhambra, which is already technically booked and something I thought was out of the question. Plus, I'm wondering if I should just stay in Madrid this weekend and hang out with Lucia for Halloween. So many options, so little time to think about it, and I'm just a little annoyed. Needless to say, my night was blah. However, I did go to another language exchange, that I was at first skeptical about because we spoke a lot of English to begin with, but then we switched to Spanish, so I felt good about that. Now, I am tired and I am going to go consult my pillow on what to do with my life this weekend. Have a great night. Talk to you tomorrow.

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