Friday, November 1, 2013

Tallar una calabaza

Okay, so as I suspected, I am having exactly the weekend that I wanted to have. This morning, I got to sleep in a little bit, especially after staying up until 3:30 a.m. hanging out with Lucia. Lucia helped me write an e-mail and file a complaint to our hostel that we were supposed to stay at in Granada. It didn't do much good, but hopefully they will think about it next time before they show availability online when they're actually "closed for difficulties" and before they send confirmation e-mails and take out deposit money from a bank account. After this, I hung out for a bit and watched last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Then, Lucia joined me in celebrating Halloween by watching ParaNorman. It was an okay movie, but it definitely doesn't beat out Hocus Pocus or Caspar. I should have had her watch one of those classics, but oh well. :) After this, we both got ready and went to the city center to hang out with three of her friends. We walked around for a bit and went to a Japanese store that Lucia found. She really likes that culture and food so she bought some things. Then we took a detour and got some extra mileage in while going to the mall. Going to the mall felt really comfortable. It smelled like malls do and it felt like Christmastime, even though I know it's not. But it was fun just walking around and hanging out. Also, at the mall, they had one of those penny presses (I guess here it would be called a 5-cent press) so I got one to add to my collection. It says "I <3 Madrid." I asked Lucia what you would call that machine and she didn't know, that's like how I am with coming up with words in English sometimes. :)
Inside of the mall
Lucia and I took the bus home and I made dinner right away and we watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother, which I have now seen two times, because Lucia likes it. Then, after dinner, I taught Lucia how to carve a pumpkin. We picked out a design online, she drew it on the pumpkin, she helped me gut it, and together we carved it. It was really fun and she is now a pro for next year! Also, Lucia asked about the seeds and I told her that I usually toss them, but some people roast them, so that is what we will be doing tomorrow. :) My day has been really relaxed, but fun and I'm expecting the next couple days to be like that as well. I hope you all had amazing Fridays and Happy All Saints' Day!
Lucia drawing the face
Carving the pumpkin
Finished project..he's so cute

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