Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dos horas es poco tiempo

Just throwing this out there right off the bat...I will not be getting to my Valencia blog again. Sorry, it's been another busy day. I have school all day. The students are getting ready to finish their body unit and start on the next one. The students are still very interested in teaching me Spanish, although they continuously ask me to say the same words over and over again. Haha. I'm sorry, but I really don't have much else to say about school. I suck. School was school. Students will be students.

After school, I had my language exchange with the teacher at my school. It went really well, except I think that we both have realized that two hours is not enough! There is so much to learn and so little time! It's crazy! It really is helpful though and I think we are both learning SO much. I will also say though that it is impossible to know if I am giving her the right answers to her questions. I pretty much follow everything with "Yep, that's right...well, I don't know about British English." Seriously, it's impossible, so many things could be "wrong" that I am telling her, just because they are American English and not British English. Also, it's so hard to tell her things like, "Yea, that's grammatically incorrect, but we still say it." Ha. For example, him/her and he/she. When talking, we never (almost never) say him/her or he/she. We just use the collective words them and they. It was really funny because I was like, well that's incorrect, but it's what we say. That sounds absolutely absurd, but it's true. Silly, English! I obviously made sure that she knew what was grammatically correct and told her that if she was ever writing it, she should do so correctly...but seriously, it's ridiculous. English is difficult...

Anyway, on Tuesday nights, I usually go to the intercambio, but I skipped tonight. I know..that's bad. :/ But I dedicated a lot of tonight to more planning of Christmas vacation. I bought my plane ticket to Barcelona. So as of right now, I am officially going to Sevilla and Barcelona for Christmas! Two other places on the list are still Budapest and now Istanbul. Those last two may or may not change, but I'm sure I will be telling you (hopefully soon!) what my final plans are. It's hard to keep it cheaper while at the same time watching the flight prices fluctuate so much. It's so risky to wait or to buy now. It's quite annoying, but I'm figuring it out. :)
Right now though, it is time for bed. I'm tired and I really need some chapstick. So I am going to go take care of both of those things. Have a good night.

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