Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I guess I should start this blog talking about the terremoto (earthquake) because I'm assuming that many of you are curious.  As you may have seen on TV there was indeed a terremoto in northeastern Peru today.  It hit a little before 12 p.m. and it was a 6.8-magnitude terremoto.  I was sitting in my Living and Learning in Peru Seminar class (I know that's a long and interesting title for a class) and I felt my chair shaking.  I just thought someone was shaking their legs next to my chair and then someone said "Is that an earthquake?" and yep! it sure was..or a tremor at least.  It didn't last very long, but it was kind of strong (in comparison to the very very mild one I felt in Costa Rica last year).  It was funny, well not funny, but kind of... once I got out of class I got on my e-mail and I had three people asking me if I was okay.  I was clueless to why people were asking me this.  I told people around me, "Something must have happened because I just had three people ask if I was okay," then of course it hit me..oh, the tremor! The earthquake must have been bad.  Clearly the United States was more worried about it then all of Peru.  From what I understand it's a pretty normal thing here.  Plus, no worries the buildings are built pretty well here.  I would like to thank everyone for caring about me though.  I definitely felt loved today.  I had a few e-mails asking if I was okay and I know several family members called my parents.  I have such a great group of loving family members and friends!!!

Now onto the rest of my day...

I had four classes today.  I am supposed to have five classes on Wednesday, however, the professor was out of town, so no Etnografía Amazónica! Yay!! Wrong...not so yay!  Lucky for me, the professor must really value education because now for the next two Mondays we have to stay three hours rather than two,in order to make up for the time lost today.  I hope that class gets more interesting as the semester goes on because right now it is definitely my least favorite class.  Comunicación Social is still very interesting for me (even though I don't need to take it) and my Realidad Social Peruana class is also interesting.  I like talking about different aspects of Peru in every class.  Today we talked about agriculture and society in the Andes.  We talked about the bond between people and from what I gathered from the lecture the people in the Andes are very respectful to one another.  In the Living and Learning class, we discussed and found out our different learning styles.  Apparently, I'm a do-er, I like to learn by doing it and from what I could tell on the graph I don't really like to think much.  I don't think (haha) that's a good thing... Anyway, finally in my Spanish Writing class we had to write some form of literary work for like 45 minutes.  Shout out to Taylor, I chose to write a letter to you!!  I might send it to you, but you might have difficulty reading it considering it's in Spanish.

After class, I went to Starbucks (Yea, sorry professors, I know I'm supposed to stay away from American things, but they have amazing Té Chai Lattes!) with Tonisha and we tried figuring out what we're doing this weekend.  It has been really interesting trying to plan this weekend and so many things would be easier if the airport in Nazca was safe or if the flights from Ica weren't ridiculously priced!  However, we were able to decide on a sandboarding and sand buggy tour on Friday so that should be AMAZINGLY amazing!!  Also, I have e-mailed two cheaper flight tours for the Nazca lines from the safer airport in Ica so I would love it if you all prayed that I get an e-mail back tomorrow with good news!  However, if we don't end up going to the lines, we do have alternate plans and no matter what it is going to be an awesome weekend!!! Hasta manaña!

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  1. Make sure you go sandboarding first just in case the plane does crash!..

    ..butI hope the plane doesn't crash over the Nazca might ruin them.