Thursday, August 18, 2011

Canelitas y Frosting

Today was an overall great day!  I didn't have any classes and if I get all the classes I want next Monday, when we register, I won't have ANY classes on Thursday or Friday, except for one.  Which brings me to exciting news!!  I met with the head of the School of Contemporary Dance today and I will be starting ballet classes next Tuesday!!  So the only class I'll have on Thursday is Ballet!!  Sounds like a dream schedule to me!!

Let me explain a little bit of the registering process just so you understand what I will be doing on Monday.  Registration starts at 9 a.m. on Monday for all of the 300+ foreign exchange students and it's on a first come first serve basis so people show up around 7 to get in line.  Honestly, I kind of want to be there before that to be almost guaranteed my classes. :)  Which means I have to get on the micro pretty early.  It should be a fun little adventure!!

After the exciting news about the ballet class Tonisha (a girl from the CIEE program, you'll probably hear her name a lot) and I went on a mission!  What was the mission for you may ask?  Well, what else would girls want?!  Food, of course!!  We were determined to get Lucuma (a fruit native to Peru) wafer cookies and I was determined to get Canelitas and frosting.  Canelitas are cookies that taste like Teddy Grahams.  I've had them once before and after that point I knew they would taste good with frosting so I was on a mission to find both!  We went to Wong (a store) and were able to get the Lucuma wafers, but we had no luck with the Canelitas.  I had given up for the day until Tonisha and I were walking to her house and we passed Plaza Vea (another store).  We went inside and guess what we found..Canelitas and Betty Crocker frosting!!  Once we got to her house we tried watching some telenovelas and happily ate our Canelitas dipped in frosting!  I'd say it was a success!  Too bad that it's not too healthy, but it's okay because I'm starting ballet next week!!!

Last exciting thing for the day!!  When I got home the doorman handed me a letter!!  Yep, I got my first letter today from my sister and brother-in-law!!  Everyone should send me mail because it feels great to get it!

Sorry nothing exciting happened today.  Well, I mean, it was exciting for me, but maybe not too exciting for you!!!!


  1. What is the postage for a letter to you? Do I need to start saving up?

  2. You were right, none of that was exciting at all :-P

  3. I am not quite sure what the exact postage is, but Kayla put a forever stamp on it and it got here.

  4. I think that a normal letter sent internationally to Peru would be just under $1...I'm a little surprised that the letter with the forever stamp made it to you, actually.