Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Taller de danza

Guess what I did today?!---Nope, guess again?--Yep, that's right!!  I took a micro solo today!!  And most importantly, I didn't get lost.  I got to the school perfectly fine and I got back home in tip-top shape!  During the day, I have 6 hours of intensive Spanish class with a break in the morning and an hour break for lunch.  It's funny because in the past two days we've learned (reviewed) everything that, at first, takes 4 years.  Not only are we working on grammar, but were also practicing the conversation aspect of Spanish, as well as, comprehension of texts.  Also, today we got to learn some words/jargon that are specfic to Peruvian Spanish.  Nothing too exciting happened today, however, I still cannot get over the deer!! This would be a deer eating someone's leftovers that were sitting on the table! Crazy, huh?

Also, at lunch a couple of students and I went exploring around campus and look what I found!!!

Yep, it's the dance studio on campus!!  For those of you who might not know, I really enjoy dancing and I'm hoping to take one, if not two, dance classes while I am here!!  We actually just had our academic orientation today and so far, I have found one dance class (modern dance) that I can take, but I am going to keep looking for more.  I am actually really excited to choose classes!!  Classes start on the 15th and for that first week I can visit all of the classes that I am interested in before deciding on which ones I am going to stick with.  This will allow me to see if I can understand the professor, measure the workload, and see if I am interested in the topic.  My professor I have now also teaches a cine (cinema, film) class which sounds really interesting and right up my alley because I love movies!

I'm sorry nothing too adventurous happened today, but here are a few things I have learned about myself so far and also about Peru.  I look both ways when crossing the street, even when it's a one-way, and then I feel kind of dumb when I realize it. :)  I don't like being cold 24/7, I really cannot ever get warm here.  Our empleada is 20 years old (same as me) and I feel bad that she cooks and cleans for me.  Peru's day never gets longer!!  I had no idea that the day doesn't get longer like it does in the U.S.  It's cloudy here 6 months out of the year, but apparently if you leave Lima, it's not cloudly, so I can't wait to get some rays! ¡Pues, buenas noches, hasta mañana!


  1. Ha I like the picture with the deer licking the table.
    It reminds me of Seles.

  2. It's ok to look both way even on one way streets. If Peru is like America, there are drivers that go down a one way street the wrong way....um....:)

  3. That's a pretty nice looking studio...huge, too (is that a sprung floor?).