Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hace un mes

So, it's been a month already since I've been here!  That's crazy, isn't it?!!  I have a little over 4 months left and a lot still to learn and do!!

I'm going to start this blog by sharing something with you that I forgot to yesterday...a micro video!  This is at a paradero (bus stop) right outside of the university.  It's usually a lot more hectic than this, but you kind of get the point...
Okay, on to today...I got an e-mail back from the Nazca flights company and unfortunately they have no spots open on the airline.  That doens't really surprise me considering it's two days before, but that's okay.  Like I said, it is still going to be a great and SUNNY weekend!!  Also, we might go to the airport tomorrow just to see if we have any other options to see the lines.  I really am excited for the weekend though and excited to see the sun, although it was sunny and there were blue skies this morning in Lima.  Supposedly, August is the worst weather month, so hopefully the weather improves from here on out.  Also, we did get our sandboarding tour booked so I will be doing that tomorrow!!  I don't know if there will be a computer at my hostel or not, but if not than keep your eyes open for a blog/pictures on Sunday or Monday.

I had my second ballet class today and once again, it was a blast!!  It definitely feels great to be dancing again and I hope to improve a lot this semester.  Also, I went to Deporte y Vida today to volunteer.  The other girl I was supposed to go with today wasn't feeling well so I went alone.  Luckily, I didn't have to do anything as difficult as explaining fractions with uncommon denominators.  Things that I did today consisted of helping with English, Science, and Communication homework.  I really enjoy helping with the English especially because the other teachers and students are always so interested in it.  Also, I got to see/touch a monkey today.  His name is Martin and the guy who lives next door to the school owns him.  He was pretty rambunctious, he kept reaching through the cage and pulling the student's hair and arms or wrapping his tails around them.  I didn't get a picture of him today, but I'm sure I will sometime.

Also another thing I learned today...I've noticed that the students all write with blue and red ink and their assignments are always colorful with blue and red.  They hold both pens in their hand (kind of like chopsticks) and switch in between the colors.  It's actually quite impressive and it looks like it takes talent.  The color red is used for titles, capital letters, punctuation, or important phrases/words in a sentence and blue is used for the rest.  I asked if they always write like that and they told me "Yes."  I asked "Why?" and apparently its just one of their costumbres (customs), also "it just looks better."

I feel like I'm forgeting something else that I found interesting today to tell you, but hopefully I'm not, and if I am hopefully I remember it.  Anyway, at 3:45 a.m. I will be on a bus to Ica in my "impossible to overcome" seats!  Hopefully tonight I can defeat the impossible!!! :)  I hope you all have enjoyable weekends, I know I will!  Can't wait for the sun!!

Hey, this is me editing my blog post to tell you that I remembered the other thing!  A girl at Deporte y Vida asked me if I knew the alfabeto para el lenguaje por señas (the alphabet for sign language).  I told her "" and she asked me to show her.  I started to show her ours and she asked where the "ñ" was, so then I explained to her that American Sign Language is different.  She then told me she knew the alphabet in sign language too and she showed me!  It was the coolest thing seeing the Spanish version of sign language!!  It is surprisingly pretty different than the alphabet in ASL.  Their alphabet cannot be done on only one hand..some of the letters require both.  It was interesting to see!  Sorry, if that's not exciting for you, but I'm glad I remember for my sake. :)


  1. You better see the lines from some elevated point!

    But if you don't you can just google pictures later..same thing...

  2. let me just say that i am SOOOO jealous that you got to touch a monkey! and even more uber jealous that you are going sand boarding!!! wow...i would love to do that. And i can't believe you have been ther a month...where did that time go? I have only been at school a week! Hope you have fun on your adventures!!!