Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun with micros!

I'm starting to wonder what you guys think when you see the word micro in my blogs.  I hope when you see that word you know that there is a good story to follow....Micro...(now for the good story).

Once upon a time there was a far away city and in this city lived a girl (let's call the girl Andrea).  Andrea was heading to The School of Magical Creatures (deer) one cloudy morning and she got on this contraption, called a micro, which would transport her to the school. (Be mindful that the micro was the same line as always and the map in the window was the same)  She politely asked the cobradora (a girl cobrador) if the micro was going in the direction that she wanted.  The cobradora confirmed the destination and away they went.  As Andrea sat, watching the city go by through the window, she heard the cobradora say a different street than normal, but she just thought it was the same line that had taken her the long way a couple days before.  She stayed on the micro and soon the micro hit a familiar street and Andrea knew they should have turned down that street in order to get to the school.  However, she rode for a little longer because she trusted in the cobradora's navigating skills, but suddenly she realized that the cobradora was not a cobradora at all, but a wicked witch!!  She questioned the witch about the route and, with an evil laugh, the witch kicked her off the micro into an unknown forest.  Luckily, a knight in shining armour came rushing around the corner to save the damsel in distress.  Unfortununately, being a knight was his job, not a hobby, so the damsel had to pay for help, but he rushed her to the School of Magical Creatures and she still arrived early for her deer whispering class.

Interesting story, huh?  Clearly there was a miscommunication somewhere in this story, but that's okay!! Miscommunications are bound to happen when you're living in a foreign country!  And in reality the cobradora was soo helpful after she realized I was not where I wanted to be.  The taxi driver also did save me and I was able to practice my Spanish with him.  Now although this miscommunication was partly my fault, I did feel better about myself when I took the micro home.  I got revenge in a sense.  I always pay S/.1.20 for the micros and tonight the cobrador tried charging me S/.1.50, but I was not having it.  Now granted S/.1.50 is only about 55 cents, but I definitely just spoke up (like the Peruvians do) and said, "No, I take this micro everyday and it's always S/.1.20" (obviously said in Spanish).  And as easy as pie, he didn't make me pay more. :)  Now granted I'm not ready to start a fight with a cobrador so if he would've insisted I would've paid him. :)  So obviously today was an interesting micro day.  Now I feel like anything else I tell you will be boring, but that's okay.  I'm going to tell you anyway.

Today for class, we barely even had class.  In the morning our time was taken up a lot by an orientation of classes.  We had to pick and choose what classes we are interested in going to and sitting in on next week.  This doesn't seem like a hard decision, but it really was.  There are numerous classes that I chose to attend next week, but I'm not going to tell you about them until I go.  In the afternoon for class, we gave our final presentations and then class was over so the day went by really quickly.  Speaking of going by quickly, I've already been here two weeks!  It's crazy.

Anyway, tonight I sat down with my host mom for dinner and we had a nice conversation about the university, classes, and different languages.  I was talking about a Quechua (the indigenous language) class that is offered at PUCP and how interesting it would be, but I would never use it, and while I was saying this I learned that my empleada speaks Quechua!  It was the coolest thing and it sounds nothing like Spanish!  I was suddenly more fascinated by the language once I heard it being spoken, but I probably still won't take the class considering I have classes that are necessary to take.  Well I think that's it for the excitement today!  Let me know if you think I should become a storybook writer (kidding).  :)  Buenas noches!


  1. I was kind of hoping you had gotten into it with the cobrador haha

  2. Nice story, you are a regular Shel Silverstein :-p

    I agree with Taylor...I've been hoping for an Andrea vs. Cobrador fight ever since you got there!

  3. Um..hello, it was a fictional story..definitely not based on actual events so there will be no Andrea vs. Cobrador fights (maybe) :)

  4. Loved the fairytale! and the fact that you wouldn't pay 1.50 - you're no gringo!!