Saturday, August 13, 2011

La Huaca Pucllana

Starting with last night, a group of us went to el Parque del Amor (Park of Love) which is located on top of the cliff with a view of the ocean.  We pretty much just hung out and talked for awhile.  It was a pretty park and I hope to get better pictures during the day at some point, but here is a picture of a mosaic wall that is in the park.  It's pretty incredible.
I cashed out early in the night because I have a slight cold and wanted to sleep, but tonight a Peruvian girl is taking us all to a very nice club in my district.  We had to be put on a list and there's a dress-code so it should be a pretty nice discoteca.  And I'm sure it will be fun.

This morning we went on a tour of Huaca Pucllana, which is a pre-Incan pyramid/village.  Here are some pictures from there!!
La Huaca Pucllana

Human pyramid in front of an actual pyramid :)

City view from the top of the platform

Archaeologists and students excavating the Huaca
This is an entire part that has not been excavated.  So far it has taken
30 years for the excavation & it should take another 30 years for the rest.
Supposedly they should find important artifacts on the end that they
have not dug out because you can see the ocean from that end
and obviously the water would have been an important religious aspect for them.

This is a part that has been excavated but not restored.
We got to see a Peruvian hairless dog!  He was wearing a Lacoste shirt. :)


Cuy (Guinea Pigs)
Poor little guys don't even stand a chance.

A pot that was found and restored.
You can see all the cracks in it where they put it back together.
What else did I learn/do today?  I learned that in the pre-Incan times the people would only sacrifice women so that's good (not!).  Although our tour guide was pretty smooth and said it was because the women were the only ones worthy for the gods.  I'm not sure about that, but I'll go with it!  Also, I thought the fact that it has taken 30 years so far to uncover the Huaca is amazing and it's crazy that it's going to take at least another 30 years!!  Also, after our tour 3 other girls and I decided to check out Starbucks of Lima.  It is a pretty nice place and I was able to still get my Chai Latte there.  I can definitely see me going there sometimes to do homework or what not when school starts, which is on Monday by the way.  It's so early to be starting school!  I can't believe it, but my classes should be interesting and this time really is going to fly.  Well, I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far. Remember to smile!!


  1. I'm not too sure but I think Barney needs a new coat... size medium. The first thing I do everyday is read your blog. Love you and love your blog.

  2. 1. Pyramid=Pretty cool
    2. I thought I saw the sun for a second in your pictures...but I was mistaken.
    3. Human Pyramid in front of real pyramid=HILARIOUS!!
    4. Peruvian hairless dog=utterly weird looking
    5. Peruvian hairless dog with Locoste shirt=are you freakin' KIDDING!! LOL
    6. Cuy=that's so SAD! and yet still funny. YOU MUST TRY ONE!!
    7. I love you.

  3. Grandma,
    I'm sure I can find something for Barney to wear and I'm glad you read my blogs (I'm sure you read them to Grandpa too). :) Love you.

    1.It was pretty cool. Also, it's not the only one in Lima. There are several.
    2.Yes, you were mistaken, however, I did get hot while walking around that day.
    3.Yep, the Peruvian hairless dogs are pretty unique and I wish I was lying about his style of dress.
    4.I really forgot how cute guinea pigs were (we should get another one :)). And now it's going to be even harder when I try one.
    5.Love you too.

  4. yes I do read them to Grandpa. He is glad you are having such a good time.

  5. When you work up the courage to try the cuy, be sure to pay attention to the way it's prepared and plated...I've seen a preparation of cuy that was - how shall I say it? - dramatic, theatrical, kitchy...all of those and more.

    I think I'll have rice tonight for dinner...