Monday, August 22, 2011


Sorry for the obnoxious title but I just learned how to make accents on my keyboard so it made me happy. :)

Anyway, on to my day.  First of all, because I know some of you are curious, I will start out saying that I got all my classes that I wanted: Comunicación Social, Etnografía Amazónica, and Cine.  And actually, being the over-achiever that I am, I learned that I signed up for one extra class that I don't need.  I'm going to try it out for a couple more weeks, but if the workload is too much or if I decide an 8 a.m. class is not for me, than I will end up dropping Comunicación Social, but so far I enjoy that class, so we'll see!  Now let me start from the're not going to believe this, but I got up at 5:10, was at the bus stop at 5:47, and on a micro at 5:50.  There was absolutely noone out!!  Well, not noone, but the streets were empty.  I got on the first micro that came (which was the one that takes the long way)because I was afraid of how long I would have to wait in the cold and dark for the next one, plus I wasn't worried about getting there quickly considering the driver could just fly down the streets.  I still got to school at 6:25!!  Can you imagine if I had taken the faster micro?!  It was so early that there was no officer directing traffic and the old man that sells picarones was out yet. :(  When I walked into the room, where I was going to wait for the next 3 hours before I register, there were already 31 people ahead of me.  Can you believe it?  I wonder what time the first person got to the university.  I know that I was pretty proud of myself being number 32 out of 300 something.  So what did I do for the next 3 hours, you ask?  I facebooked, napped, played solitaire, flipped through the school newspaper, ate lucuma cookies, and watched this video....I hope you find it as amusing as I did, but it's possible you won't...

Now, I want to explain why I love this so much!!  The reasons why I love it are...I live in a small town of 1100 people so I can relate to the small town atmosphere and I've experienced a majority of the things so far in Peru that are in this video.  For example, the food, chicha morada, Inca Kola (I love that it's blurred out by the way), Peruvian hairless dogs, posters on the wall (they literally are everywhere..same sign one after the other), pisco, and chullos (hats that are extremely popular, I will end up with one by the end of this semester).  Also, my favorite part of this video is the scene with the cop!!  It makes me laugh EVERY single time!!!  Plus, picarones are truly wonderful!!  If you don't remember what they are they are similar to funnel cake.  I get them occasionally from the guy outside of La Católica!

Which brings me to my next point!  I start ballet tomorrow so I will finally have a regular workout therefore I can eat all the picarones I want, right?!!  I can't wait to start dancing again.  I'm going to be so sore these next couple weeks because I haven't danced since school, but I'm ready for the challenge!!!  I can't wait to tell you about my first ballet class tomorrow and my cine class!  Buenas noches!!

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  1. One of the real Peruvians looks like a South American version of Tracy Morgan hahahaha

    "aha! clinn eaees-wood!"

    They made Nazca Lines! With a tractor..just like the original Peruvians