Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Das Leben der Anderen

I had two more classes today.  One I am definitely not taking and the other I am definitely taking.  The one I am not taking is Literatura Hispanoamerica del siglo XIX (Hispanoamerican Literature of the 19th century).  I really don't enjoy reading all that much, but I knew a class like this would help me expand my vocabulary so I figured I would give it a shot.  Well, I went to the class today and the professor seems nice, but the class overall was just too overwhelming.  I think I would need a lower level literature class in order to benefit from it.  Plus there's other ways to gain vocabulary, like reading on your own, rather than being forced to read and understand a text in the matter of a few days.  I actually started a short Spanish play last week on the micro ride.  I haven't got very far at all, but I'll probably finish it in four months. :)

My second class today was Cine (cinema).  For those of you who know me well, then you know that I absolutely love everything about the movies.  I love going to the movies, I love renting movies,  and I love spending my weekends at school watching movie after movie on TV.  Problem is that I like all movies, there's no movie really that I hate.  This doesn't seem like to big of a problem, but my professor is an ex-movie critic so I am assuming at some point were going to have to critic the movies in depth.  I don't think I will be able to just write "Me gustó esa pelicula." :)  Anyway, the class is three hours long once a week, so we watched our first movie today called Das Leben der Anderen.  Wait, it was called what?  That's not Spanish!  Yep, you're right, it's not Spanish, it's German.  It's Spanish title is La Vida de los Otros.  Let me tell you, it was really weird watching a movie in German with Spanish subtitles.  :)  It was a pretty good movie about a spy from the East Germany police spying on a writer and his actress wife.  I'm sure well discuss the movie next week.  It was funny, our professor just started the movie and left.  I will say that a classroom isn't the best place for movie watching, but that's okay, I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy the class a lot.

I bought my first bus ticket today in order to travel!!  In less than two weeks I will be going to Nazca.  I haven't really planned anything yet (and am not going to until we get there), but I know we are going to fly over the Nazca Lines (obviously) and possibly go sandboarding (snowboarding/sledding except on sand dunes).  It should be the perfect first trip and it definitely should be an adventure considering were taking the 7 1/2 hour bus trip at 3:45 a.m. :)  We figured this would give us the most time in Nazca for the weekend.  Plus people stay out that late all the time so we'll probably still be up and well sleep on the bus.  However, I did get the cheapest seats on the bus which were titled asientos insuperables (yes, insuperable meaning impossible to overcome!), so that will be fun...maybe.  It's okay though because I am excited for Nazca!!

Finally, I want to say Happy 25th Anniversary to my parents.  I wish I could be there to celebrate with you both.  Thank you for loving and caring for each other, and for Kayla and I, for 25 years. :)


  1. I once did a presentation on the Nazca lines! Take some pictures, I like the monkey one

  2. Glad to read the info on your classes, Andrea. I've been meaning to see the film that you mentioned (in English it was called "The Secret Lives of Others" I think) for a couple of years...one of these days, perhaps I'll get to it.

    I hope the bus ride is tolerable for you - you may just be experiencing 7 1/2 hours of learning moments (as in, when you're going to be stuck on a bus for that long, you may want to spring for better seats!).