Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oe causa, que onda?!

I got on the right micro today! How exciting!!  Yea, I know, it's really not that exciting and I'm sure taking the right micro will become a regular thing now so I don't have to talk anymore about those. :)  I had to give a presentation in class today for 10-15 minutes and, of course, what other topics are there to talk about besides dance?  Exactly, nothing!  So since dance was really my only option that's what I talked about. :)  We also spent part of today learning some Peruvian slang!  My professor of course was like, "This is terrible Spanish, I shouldn't be teaching you this," but of course he did.  One thing he taught us was "Oe causa, que onda?" (Hey dawg, what's up?)  I actually already knew what Que onda? was from Costa Rica last summer, but apparently oe causa is very "ghetto" in Peru and an educated person would not say it.  But of course, American students love learning about Peruvian ghettos so naturally we greeted each other the rest of the day using this phrase.  Also, I kind of saw the sun today!!!  It was very exciting for me!  And "saw the sun" means BARELY saw it through the clouds, but it was still quite exciting.  Also, it seemed warmer today!  Although, it could've been the fact that I had two pairs of socks on, leggings, yoga pants, and jeans on, and three long-sleeved shirts.  I don't know though, what do you think?  I got to try another new food too called picarones, which is pretty much fried dough with sugar and/or syrup on it.  They reminded me a lot of funnel cake!  They were great!

Tonight, we went on a Mirabus tour of central Lima.  We got to see all the different buildings, parks, etc. that surround historical central Lima.  But, my favorite place (where we actually stopped) was at the Circuito Mágico del Agua in El Parque de la Reserva.  It was a park that was full of water fountains and we got to see a 'show' with music and different lights that were projected onto the water.  Here are some pictures from tonight's tour...
A fountain "maze."  All the kids are in the center :)

Water tunnel
Me in front of one of the fountains

Part of the fountain show

Again, part of the fountain show

The President's house

The Cathedral of Lima
I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!  So far, I have been here a week and I am really enjoying it! Although, it does feel like I have been here forever already.  I am surprisingly excited for classes to start so that I have even more to do!!  Hasta mañana!


  1. Nice pictures, but next time I want to see you IN the fountain maze!

    Way to rep Carthage, dawg

  2. Those pics are really cool. I was afraid you'd be chilly but I'm glad you are using what you have to keep warm :) Ps. Do you know your address yet?

  3. Kayla's comment made me laugh.."i was afraid you'd be chilly"...she sure seems like she is with all of the layers. Do you even wear that many layers at carthage when it is 5 degress out!?!?! I like the water fountains btw. Wish i had one in my backyard.

  4. Kayla, no I don't have my address yet, but I can ask and get that to you asap. :) Taylor, no I don't wear that many layers at Carthage, but at Carthage you're cold just when you're outside. But here, I'm cold both inside and out so I guess that's why it's hard to keep warm. And yes the water fountains were really cool!!