Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hombre con guitarra

I took the micro again by myself today.  However, in the morning, I did get on the wrong micro and went down the street a couple blocks before I realized it.  But lucky for me, they didn't keep my money and I was able to get off and hop on the right bus almost instantly.  I'd say I was pretty lucky considering some of the other students' micro stories that I have heard.  They aren't my stories to tell, but I will say that one girl ended up going the opposite direction and her host mom had to go pick her up and then another group of two students went to a district that was past the school and kind of far actually.  Luckily, this is the exact reason why the CIEE program provides us with cell phones!  Anyway, when I got on the right micro, at one point a man with a guitar got on and started playing and singing and he was actually VERY good.  Something like this is very common in Lima.  People get on the micros and sell candy, papers, or just entertainment in order to make some soles (the currency here in Peru).

In the afternoon for class we walked to a supermarket called Wong.  We did this in order to learn more vocabulary and to learn words that are used in Peru, but may have different names in other Latin American countries.  For example, avocado in many countries is aguacate, but in Peru they say palta.  See it's very different.  Also, I love when I use a Spanish word and the native looks at me funny and then says a different word.  That happened yesterday!  I asked "Donde esta el basurero?" (Where's the trash can?) and the lady looked at me and said, "Ah, el tacho" and then she pointed.  I guess it's similar to when I went to Carthage and learned the word "bubbler" for "water fountain."

Also, something interesting, Peru culture has a lot of Chinese influence so some words that are used are derived from the Chinese word.  Also, I haven't mentioned chifa yet because I have yet to have it, but chifa is the Peruvian's Chinese food here.  I'm actually excited to try it at some point, apparently you have to go to the right place though or you can have a bad experience (doesn't sound any different from the Chinese in the U.S. ;)).

Tomorrow night, we get to take a tour on a double decker bus to central Lima!! Although it will be cold, I'm sure I will get some good pictures so watch for those! Otherwise, buenas noches y espero que tengas un buen dia mañana.  (<--We reviewed subjuntive today for those of you who know Spanish, or as my professor likes to say "subFUNtive")


  1. I didn't even read this post because there were no pictures...

  2. Bubbler!? Seriously Wisconsin!? No, that is not the only thing I pulled from this post, but it is the only thing I wanted to comment on. Ps. Skype date soon?

  3. haha the bubbler part really made me laugh...people at carthage that say that are so frustrating!