Thursday, December 8, 2011


Okay, so this might get confusing.  I'm sure you're all excited to hear about the rest of my trip and I'm sure you could care less about yesterday and today, but I'm going to write today and yesterday's blog posts then I'm going to work on my trip posts.  This is going to take awhile, but I'm going to try my hardest to write these blog posts left and right. :)

Okay, starting with yesterday.  I arrived back in Lima at around 7:30 a.m. after a 15ish hour bus ride.  It was actually a pretty easy bus ride.  I think if it had been during the day I would've gotten restless, but since it was overnight, I was tired anyway so I slept right through it.  Tonisha, Mark, and I micro-ed to Católica and once we got there, Tonisha and I (meaning Tonisha) typed up the outline and bibliography for our presentation and we just hung out after that.  We got to campus about two hours before our presentations so we both got some breakfast on campus and we "practiced" our presentation, but mostly just avoided practicing our presentation by listening to our new Andean Christmas CD! :)  Then, all of the sudden, it was time for our presentations, but luckily we did pretty well on it (I think) and everyone else did a good job and the topics were interesting.  Some of the topics included were Villa el Salvador (the district where Deporte y Vida is), the contamination of the Amazon River, tourism and the act of taking photos in Peru, and the workers of houses (aka empleadas) in Peru.  They were all interesting topics and really made me think about what I want to do for my Spanish thesis next semester. :)  The only bad thing about the presentations is that it made class time three hours rather than two, so after being on a bus for 15 hours and then having to sit in a classroom, I got restless.

Anyway, after the presentations, Tonisha accompanied me while I did a lot of things.  Thanks for waiting on me Tonisha. :)  I had to revise, print, and turn in my Cine paper and I had to go to the Dance office to get my transcript for taking ballet.  Well, this was a disaster and I'm actually not very happy about it, but I've been to the office several times and each time they haven't had it.  Wednesday (yesterday) was supposed to be my last day at Católica, but since I have to go back to pick up that paper, it wasn't.  I am making a special trip tomorrow morning to get it.  They better have it (which they won't) or else I won't know what to do about it. :/  Anyway, I also had my last piece of Católica chocolate cake, it wasn't too good because it was a Wednesday (it's the best on Monday), but it was still okay.  Then, Tonisha and I finally headed home to Miraflores, after not having been there for a week.

When I got home, I couldn't even tell you what I did.  I think I did nothing :)  I know that I wrote one blog, but other than that, I can't remember.  That's no good.  I know that I watched the movie The Island, which is a sci-fi movie.  It was okay, but not the best.  I think I watched another movie, too, but I'm really not sure.  This is terrible of me. :/  Anyway, before this blog post gets too boring, let's talk Christmas...

When I got home, there was a Christmas tree here!!  A real one.  Technically, this is my first real Christmas tree because we don't get real ones at my house, which is fine by me!  Less work!  Anyway, I was actually surprised to learn that they have real Christmas trees here in Peru.  Unfortunately, the real Christmas trees here aren't very full, but I think it's still pretty!

Also, Tonisha came over for dinner and it was the most Christmas-y dinner I've had yet and it was soooo great!  Our plates had snowmen on them, our placemats were Christmas-y, the lights of the tree and the candles from the advent wreath were glowing, etc.  It was amazing!  I can't wait for Christmas! I mean, it is the best time of the year as they say!  Anyway, pretty soon after dinner Tonisha and I headed to a birthday/goodbye party at Jen's house.  My birthday is this Saturday and Jen's birthday is the 20th and almost everyone is leaving on the 11th, so this party was the last hoorah for everyone.  It was pretty fun.  We all just hung out and listened to music, nothing too special, but it was a good time.
Jen and I (The Birthday Girls)
Also, since I missed Music Martes, I'm turning it into Music Miércoles.  Yesterday's song will be (in the spirit of Christmas) Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano!!!!!

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