Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fiesta de Navidad

So, I started yesterday off by finally going to Católica for the last time.  If you remember right, Wednesday was supposed to be my last day there, but since the dance department didn't have my transcript ready I had to go back there yesterday.  Well, luckily, I have a good friend named Tonisha who accompanied me to Católica.  I was anticipating what I would hear once I got there and, as expected, I did find out that it still was not ready.  So of course they told me to wait about an hour for it.  Tonisha and I walked around for a little bit, but then we finally decided to go to the computer lab, where we wasted some time.  I felt bad for dragging her along once that happened, but since she's incredible she was pretty patient about it.  So, an hour later, I went back to get the paper and of course it was only five lines long.  I'm not sure how "Andrea took this class blah blah" took so long to write, but I was just glad to have it and Tonisha and I took a micro back to Miraflores.

Once back, I ate lunch and relaxed before I had to meet up with everybody that was going to volunteer for the last time at Deporte y Vida.  Today at DyV we had a huge party.  All of the CIEE students donated money so that the kids could have a great Christmas party and it was indeed great!  There was tons of food, entertainment, and presents!!!  It was a blast!  The kids were all very happy and it was amazing to see their faces when we gave them their presents!  It just automatically put a smile on my face!
With some of the girls
I was sad to go, but we all exchanged numbers with all of the professors there so we will be able to keep in touch with them and the kids.  Anyway, once I got home, I ate dinner and then headed out for one last hoorah with the CIEE gang.  We went to Meghan's house in order to hang out and it was a really good time, but I had to say goodbye to some amazing people.  Luckily, there are all sorts of communication these days so I'm pretty sure we'll all keep in touch!  It was a good day and night!  Also, when it turned midnight everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, which was so great of them!  I hope you had a good Friday as well!!!!

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