Friday, December 16, 2011

The Chullo Project

So, for all my friends, I got them chullos for their gifts from Peru.  To remind you, chullos are the hats that have ear flaps and they are very typical of Perú.  I mean, they are popular in the U.S., too, but the chullos that I bought are better than any other one that you would be able to buy in the states.  Okay, maybe that's a lie, but still they are pretty sweet and all of my friends seemed pretty happy about them, so here they are...
Taylor, Greg, Kayla, me, and Logan
Tim and I
Seles and I (and Tim)
Ian and I (and Seles)
Amanda and I
Chris, Kevin, and I
Kelsey and I
Shannon and I
I have one more chullo to give out, but unfortunately, Kelly is ridiculously busy and impossible to get ahold of, but I decided to take a picture anyway so that this blog at least feels complete.
Kelly's chullo and I
Anyway, it was amazing to see all of my friends and I'm glad that I was able to share a little bit of Peru with all of them!  Plus, the chullos will keep them warm in the cold Midwest winter! :)

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