Thursday, December 8, 2011

Más souvenirs

Okay, on to today then a whole lot of trip blogging (maybe).  Anyway, I got up pretty much in time to get ready and leave for lunch.  Yep, lunch, that means I slept in.  I was invited to Marion's house for a volunteer lunch.  Marion is one of our directors of CIEE and all of the students who volunteered this semester were invited over to her house for pizza.  I was soo excited just when I walked in her door because her apartment is decked out in Christmas, too!  It was so exciting.  Yay for Christmas!  Anyway, we ordered delicious pizza and had a nice chat about volunteering and what we got out of it.  It was a good discussion and we spent a nice afternoon together.

After that, Tonisha and I met at Ripley's to look at suitcases, because I have a ridiculous amount of stuff and because I am only allowed 40lbs on the plane, Tonisha is being an amazing friend and taking some of my stuff with her.  I keep telling her I'm going to put banned substances in the suitcase so that she gets stuck at customs.  Obviously, I'm not going to do that, but it's a funny joke, right?  Anyway, as I was riding the escalator to the suitcase section of the department store, I got a very weird feeling.  I almost got tears in my eyes.  The store looked like Christmas and it smelled like Christmas shopping and it made me miss the states just because all of the sudden I felt that I was at home.  Ripley's is so much like an American department store that, for a second, I thought I was actually in one.  It was a really weird feeling, but the feeling went away quickly so all is well.  Tonisha and I picked out a suitcase together, but didn't buy it because I didn't want carry it in the markets that we were about to go to. :)

Yep, that's right.  One more trip to the markets.  We went to some different ones today because we heard that they were cheaper, but they were pretty much the same especially when you do some bargaining. :)  Anyway, I got the rest of my gifts and probably too many things for myself as well, whoops!  I'm really excited about everything I got though, such as my new baby alpaca sweater that has llamas on it!!!  Yay!  Can you say Christmas sweater/sweater that I will definitely be wearing on the airplane home in order to be prepared for the cold weather?!  So excited!  Anyway, Mark joined us halfway through and we finished up at one set of markets, then went to one more set.  It was a good night!  I think we were at the markets for almost four hours.  I took a micro back to Ripley's to get the suitcase that Tonisha and I picked out and if I didn't think that it was like Christmas before, it definitely was tonight!!!  It was packed!  It looked like Black Friday (that's not a joke).  Everyone and their Peruvian hairless dog was there. :)  I just wanted to get the suitcase and leave and I stood in line for about a half hour or more and I only had two people in front of me.  I witnessed two arguments with the cashier as well.  Oh boy was it exciting and I was chatting with the older woman standing behind me, it was entertaining and yet I felt bad for the cashier, too.  It's Christmastime, people need to have some patience. :)  And that includes me as well, because I was also getting a tad impatient.

After I purchased my new suitcase, I happily stuffed all my market buys inside of it and walked home. I arrived home right as my mom was getting home and since today was a holiday (Immaculate Conception) Lidia, our empleada, wasn't working so my mom cooked us dinner and, again, I sat down with a snowman plate, a lit Christmas tree, candles, and we ate together.  It was a good time!

Since then, I have watched some Glee episodes and the movie Mi Pobre Angelito (My Poor Little Angel).  You'll never guess what movie this actually is...  Home Alone!!!  Poor little angel?!  Kevin has so much fun in that movie!  There's nothing "poor" or sad about him.  I used to want to be him.  I mean, come on!  What little kid can come up with all of those fancy ways to torture some robbers?  That's pretty cool if you ask me.  I mean I guess it's too bad that he was left home alone to begin with, but what would you rather do?  Stay home and kick some robber booty or go to Paris?  Now, if it was Lima, rather than Paris, I can see why it would be terrible to get left at home, but it's not. ;)  Anyway, I have yet to do more packing and this whole blogging thing is taking longer than I want it to, because I want to try and focus on these last couple days rather than blogging, but I'm trying my hardest.  I want to get my trip blogs done so then I can focus on really blogging on my overall time here.  Also, obviously, I want to spend some time with all the people I've met here. :)

Anyway, have a good night!  And keep watching for those trip blogs!

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