Monday, September 5, 2011

Caca de aves

So I started out my day fantastic, well I mean kind of fantastic...I did get on the wrong micro, but I did get off and get on the right one soon after.  Also, I got some picarrones from the guy across the street from the university, which were delicious.  I have a question for you as well...are there some people that you see everyday (like a banker, postman, the lady that serves you coffee)?  Isn't it just comforting to see those people on a daily basis?  I don't know about you, but I see the same two security guards standing at the front door of the university everyday and I always smile and say "Buenos días."  They know me and I know them.  I never have to take out my Student ID card because they know me, along with the other foreign exchange students I'm sure.  Well, today there were two different guards out there, I had to stop and shuffle through my bag for my card and it just really threw me off.  I guess I just want to tell you to appreciate those people that you see on a daily basis because they might not always be there.  Make sure you tell them "Hello" and "Thank you" and give them a big smile!!

I went to my Social Communication class and everything went great.  I still really like the class, but like I've said I don't really need the credit or grade.  I'm either going to audit it (which is essentially taking the class without being graded) or dropping it all together.  I'm sorry I keep bringing it up, I'm just having trouble choosing what to do, but don't worry, it has to be figured out by this Thursday.  I had Peruvian Social Reality today as well.  We started talking about the Amazonian people today and we watched a video/documentary which followed a kid around his village, which was interesting.  I'm actually hoping to travel to the selva (jungle) at some point this semester.  Hopefully the city of Iquitos, which is a town only accessible by plane.

Anyway, now on to a funny and lucky story.  So it was lunch time and 3 other students and I sat down for lunch in the grass.  Don't worry... I didn't get attacked by a deer or anything.  However, almost instantly after I sat down and laid my bookbag next to me a bird from the tree above decided to poop on my bag.
No joke..this really happened..
Yea, funny huh?  Not really..but kind of.  My friends definitely got a kick out of it (cough..Tonisha).  I was so happy that I was seated where I was rather than approximately 1 1/2 feet to the right.  Next time (well hopefully there isn't a next time) I'm going to have to look for any trees/birds that I am sitting under.  Anyway, that's my fun story for the day.  Then I just had Spanish and finally Etnografía Amazónica again.  Both of those classes went well.

After class, I took the correct micro to Miraflores and stopped to buy a ticket for Mistura.  Mistura is a very popular Peruvian food festival.  From what it sounds like, it sounds very similar to the Taste of Chicago.  I will be going to that next Monday, so I'm excited to try more popular Peruvian foods!!  Anyway, I'm heading to bed.  I apologize that I didn't post my Machu Picchu blog tonight.  I just figured I would leave you in suspense.  :)

Oh also I got two more letters today from my Grandparents!  Love you both!!  Everyone else needs to catch up with them now!  They are winning on the letter count. :)

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