Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Un día de sentimientos encontrados

Okay, so today has been an interesting day. I started my day out pretty well. I got up ate breakfast and called a bunch of people to look at places. Same as yesterday, I called many: some were taken, some didn't answer, and few were actually available for me to see today. But, I was still able to make three appointments and Karin had one. We started our day off at the park that we found yesterday. We laid out and occasionally cooled off in the fountains. Although we were out in the sun for quite awhile, I don't think I really got any, which is unfortunate. However, I am enjoying this summer weather in September/almost October.

After a few hours in the sun, we started our search for rooms. Stephanie, who already has an apartment, also came with just to tag along. The first one was a dud, because we didn't see it. We made an appointment with the landlord, however, the other roommate must have been sleeping or not home, because no one answered the door. The second one was really good. I really liked it and it was my second choice if the people from yesterday didn't call me back today. The third one was rather claustrophobic and it seemed like I would be switching roommates a lot because people were moving out in a matter of months, so that one is off the list. We then saw one of Karin's and it was nice as well and I'm pretty sure it is on her list of choices.

So, so far I'm sure it seems like a good day, right? Well, unfortunately, the place from yesterday is taken by someone who saw it before me. Kind of a first come, first serve deal. And my second choice from today is giving me second thoughts. I have until tomorrow to decide on that one, so for now it's back to the drawing boards. It really is stressful looking for a place. I honestly think I would be happy and make the most of a situation anyway, but still, in my head, I want to make the right decision. There are so many questions in my head: Is it too expensive? Do I really want to live in a room that tiny? Can I say "yes" to a place without meeting the roommates? What area do I really want to live in? Is it really necessary that I live next to that wonderful park we found or should I start looking other places? Do I really want to spend that much? Is it worth it? Can I live here for ten months? So many questions and they are driving me nuts. I know I should probably take a break from all this craziness that is apartment hunting, but I really just want a comfortable place to call home. I want good Spanish-speaking roommates and I want it to be reasonable priced and close to a metro or the train stop that goes to my school. Like I said, I know I could survive in any of the places I've seen, so maybe I'm just being picky, but I am going to be there for 10 months. I want to be comfortable.

Anyway, although I had a relaxing day at the park and a somewhat stressful day apartment hunting, I ended it with a good night. I was cooking pasta in the hostal and a Spaniard staying here offered me some of his food that he had just made. It was tortilla española. The guys told me that tortilla española is the most widely known dish of Spain apart from paella. It's not really a tortilla as we know them in the U.S. It is basically an egg, potato, and onion casserole. It was really good. It tasted like hash browns and I wanted to put a little ketchup on it. Haha..but I didn't. Anyway, I am now searching for more pisos and it's off to start looking again tomorrow. One of these days I will be able to tell you that I found a great one that I really like. Hasta luego. P.S. Walked about 6.5 miles today. :)
Me and the tortilla española.
I guess in the picture you can tell that I got a little sun today.

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