Saturday, September 28, 2013

El día aburrido

Well, today has been a pretty boring day. I started my morning by going to the apartment I saw a few days ago, just to check it out again. I am prepared to say yes to living there if the place I really want to live doesn't get back to me. As I was walking back from that apartment, I saw a guy get arrested. I think I missed most of the action, which is fine by me, because it's in an area of town where I think anything could probably happen. Therefore, I stayed away from the crowd, but I did see a guy get shoved head first into the back of a police car, so that was interesting.

Oh, also, it rained quite a bit today! First day of rain since I've been in Madrid. It was clear on and off today, but I was just surprised by the rain. I wasn't really prepared for it. Anyway, I went and actually got my abono today. It looks like this..
And then you just buy the ticket for each month. For example, the one above is for October. So starting on the first, that ticket will take me anywhere in Madrid for free. Well, not for free, but for the cost of the monthly pass. And not for anywhere, just for zones A and B1. :)

After I got my abono, I pretty much did nothing at the hostel for quite a long time. I sat there and messaged the other apartment again. And sat there hoping for a response and nothing. I can't really be patient anymore because I have to take that other place tonight or in the morning if I want a place to live. I mean I guess I could just pass that one up too and start my search again, but I think I'd rather just settle. 

I wrote the above section earlier when I was at the hostel doing nothing. Since then, I continued doing nothing at the hostel, but I did hear from the apartment I want. The girl said she has called her landlord a TON, but he hasn't responded. She also said that she is going to start calling early tomorrow and hopefully she can get ahold of him. I would love to move out of the hostel and into a real place. Plus, I really need to do laundry. They do have a place at the hostel to do it, so I might have to assess the situation tomorrow and just do it here. Anyway, the plan on the apartment, as of right now, is to pass up the other one and hope that all goes well with the landlord for the place I really want. Wish me the best. I'm sure I've been talking this place up so much that you think it's a mansion. It's not, but I just know that I'm going to love it there. Anyway, both Stephanie and Karin moved into their new places today. So tonight we hung out at Karin's new place. Her roommate has a lot of DVDs so we chose to watch Crash. Great movie, if you haven't seen it. Then, I took the metro back and now, I am typing the rest of this blog. Not too much to report on except that I got my abono and that I can taste how close I am to getting the apartment I want. Hopefully, I will have good news tomorrow, but it's Sunday, which is even more of a reason to not answer the phone.

Hasta mañana. Chau.

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