Monday, September 30, 2013

La habitación nueva

Well, today I woke up, ate breakfast, and checked out of the hostel finally. I couldn't move into my apartment until later in the evening, so I kept my stuff at the hostel for the day, until moving. For the morning, I walked to Karin's and supervised while she put up pictures on her wall. They look awesome and I can't wait to make my own room feel like a home. I watched Grey's Anatomy and Glee season premiere's online and unintentionally forced Karin and Stephanie to watch them, too. One thing I am excited about is that Spain has Grey's here in Spanish, called La Anatomía de Grey. I'm so excited to watch it and hopefully my new roommates watch it already. That would be awesome. Grey's is one of the first things that connected my college roommate and I. :) What a great show. Anyway, Stephanie, Karin, and I made lunch and then went out shopping for a few things. I didn't buy anything because I was waiting to see what I would need for my new place. Also, let me just point out that every time we feel it's time to go out and about, all the shops are closed for siesta. It is really inconvenient, especially since when we are used to having things open all the time in the states and we can go there practically whenever. I guess after almost two weeks we should have this siesta schedule down, but we still don't. Plus, we (maybe I should speak for myself) just don't understand why there is a big break. I would rather finish work early, than have a long break in the middle and end late, but that's just me. We'll see how my schedule works at the school. I will find out tomorrow. Anyway, before we talk about tomorrow. As requested by my sister again, here are a few pictures of the hostel that I was staying in.
Common area
The room that I stayed in..eight bunks total
The remnants of piso searching.
Anyway, I don't have too much to report about my new place yet, sorry. I didn't want to be creepy and taking pictures of the whole place right off the bat. So here are some pictures of my room first. You can see more pictures in later blogs.
Outside of my window
Looking down out my window
My room
Other side of my room
My room is pretty big and I have a lot of space to fit things and lots of sunshine. I will say that I had a shampoo-astrophe from the hostel to my new place, but that's okay. I got everything washed off and laid out to dry. Haha Also, I have my own bathroom. There are three of us and two bathrooms and somehow, I got my own, which is pretty cool. Although the washer is in my bathroom, so it's still public territory. :) Anyway, I'm mostly settled and excited to decorate my room, like Karin did her's today. Also, I do need to buy a few things like hangers, toilet paper, etc., but I'm going to take care of that later, probably tomorrow. After I moved in, one of my roommates left and the other was working so I went grocery shopping and ate dinner with Karin. Then, we figured out how to get to our schools for tomorrow. It should only take me about a half hour to get to school, which I think will feel like nothing, but we will see. Maybe I will be forced to stand on the train the whole time, who knows. Anyway, my first day is tomorrow and I can't wait to tell you how it goes.

Also, I will get to know my roommates more and more and disclose more information about them as I go. So far, I know that their names are Lucia and Herminia, that they are both very nice and helpful, and that Lucia is a university student. Sorry, I know that's not a lot, but come on...give me a break. I have been here for less than 4 hours. Well, it's goodbye for now. Check in tomorrow to see how the first day of school went. Hasta luego.

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