Friday, September 27, 2013

La comida peruana

So today, Karin and I did absolutely nothing. Our goal was to get our abono, which is a transportation identification card that allows you to buy monthly passes for all forms of public transportation, but guess what? That goal was not completed. Karin and I are both very money conscious and we try to save where we can. Well, I think we got a little over our heads today, which led us to get nothing completed. I'll explain a little.

Well, first of all, we walked to the place where you can buy the abonos at around 3 o'clock only to realize that it was siesta time and the shop didn't open back up until 4:30 p.m. So up until 4:30 p.m., we really did nothing. We hung out and we tried looking up how much an abono would cost and such, then we walked to the place only to find out that they couldn't sell the abonos there, they can only sell the monthly passes once you have the abono. So we walked to a place that actually sells them and they were closed, so we walked to the next closest place and they were open, but here's where we got in over our heads. I'll try to explain it to you without confusing you. However, if I confuse you, I guess you will feel how Karin and I felt.

So here's the deal. There are two types of abonos that we could get, the joven (for people under 23) or normal (for people 23 to 64). The joven one is cheaper, but it takes 15 days to get and Karin and I will be turning 23 in the next couple of months. So we were trying to figure out if it was worth it to apply for the joven abono for the months that we are 22. If we did that, we would have to wait 15+ days to receive it and during those days we would have to buy 10 ride passes for both the metro and the train. So we were wondering, would we be saving money in the end? The other big question was would the joven abono expire on our birthday or as long as you were 22 when you bought it would it expire next year. We searched online and even asked about it and got several answers. If in fact it did last the whole year, it was definitely worth waiting the 15+ days, but if it expires on our birthday, it was more expensive or about even with more hassle. Have I confused you yet? I'm sure I have, so now you're on Karin and I's level. Add the language barrier and a cashier that seemed annoyed with us and it gets that much harder. Ha.

Needless to say, we finally figured out that we didn't even qualify for the joven abono anymore because we would've had to buy it before June 30th. So, we accomplished nothing today, but we are now ready to go out and buy the normal abono for the month of October. Also, to add to the craziness of things, we have to put an address on our abono application and I have yet to hear from the apartment from yesterday. Well, actually, I have heard from them, but they are still waiting to hear back from their landlord. I'm really not sure what they need to hear about, but I really hope it's something good. I am really anxious to move in there and I will be very upset if I don't get it. I am looking at another place for the second time tomorrow morning, just in case I have to settle for that one, but I really don't want to. Also, the one I turned down not to long ago is still open. So I have options, but they are the wrong ones. Haha. I am going to be like Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: "I want it now! Give it to me!" I think that might go over well, right? I guess patience is a virtue though ...and I really would rather not be dropped down a bad egg chute that leads to the furnace...

Anyway, after a day of literally not getting anything accomplished. Karin and I went out to dinner. This was my first time out to eat while being here and guess where we went? Yep, you guessed it...a Spanish Peruvian restaurant! I was so excited that Karin found it, but it was really awkward walking in. I don't think many non-regulars went there because EVERYONE stared when we walked in, but it was so worth it to get a huge plate of Lomo saltado and Karin had the infamous Pollo a la brasa. I thought about getting Chicha morada to drink, but I just got a coke. It goes just as well with Peruvian food. They had IncaKola, too! (But I don't like that). We also split a piece of torta de chocolate (chocolate cake) for dessert. So who cares if I haven't eaten a ton of Spanish food yet, Peru has a place in my heart and the food is great! Plus, I got to introduce Karin to a bit of Peru.

After eating, we were going to go back to Karin's place and watch a movie with her host, José, but instead we ended up listening to a bunch of music and just chatting. They escorted me back to the metro and I took it back to the hostal, where I am now. Karin moves into her new place tomorrow and let's hope that I here from my place tomorrow. Prayers to get this place or, I guess, any place that He sees fit would be appreciated.

Random fun fact: only logged 3ish miles today :(
Another random fun fact: Karin just informed me that abono also can mean manure when talking about fitting...

Buenas noches!

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