Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sigue a tu corazón

Saturday, February 22nd

Yesterday, I didn't do much in the morning that is worth talking about, so I will just talk about the highlight of my day. The highlight of my day was taking a 3-hour master dance class with Matt Luck. You may not know who he is, but he is a choreographer from L.A. and I have known about him for a little over a year from YouTube. There are a few choreographers that I love that post stuff on YouTube and I found him through one of the girls that I really like. About a month ago I saw that he was going to be coming to Madrid to teach a class so I signed up right away and I'm glad I did. It was awesome. We learned two dances to two really great songs that I had never heard before yesterday and he dances/choreographs in what I would consider my favorite style. It's contemporary, but because of the musicality of the dances, they have a hip hop feel as well. Below I have posted one of Matt Luck's dances that is on YouTube along with the two songs that we danced to yesterday. And just for fun, I have included one of my favorite YouTube dances choreographed by Erica Sobol (I found Matt Luck through her). :)

Oh, also I got a picture with him.

Sunday, February 23rd

This morning I went to church again. The service was good and the scripture used was John 1:29-34. After church, I went to the women's bible study and we talked about faith. The scripture from the chapter was "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him." Hebrew 11:6 We learned that in time of crisis, you have to abandon yourself and have faith in the Lord to see it through.
After church, I came home and ate lunch and relaxed. I am currently continuing to relax and I will be relaxing for the rest of the night. Also, in honor of the Olympics ending today. I found the intro video thing that I tried looking for when they first started. I really like the music. Was this clip playing in the U.S., too? Anyway, to watch you have to click on the link and watch the first 27 seconds of the video.

And that's that. I had a great weekend and I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow as well! :)

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