Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Preparación del Carnaval

Monday, Wednesday 26th

On Sunday night, I stayed up super duper late talking with my family and working on one of my job application for the a few teaching positions in the U.S. for next year. So, that means I woke up at noon on Monday. I didn't particularly like sleeping in so much, but it felt better than the alternative of not getting any sleep at all. I did a little grocery shopping to get me through the week and just hung out during the day. Then, I worked on my application more. Then, I went to my Spanish class, which was really pretty fun. Mostly because I learned of a Spanish singer who I didn't know before. The artist's name is Rozalén and below is the song we listened to in class. It's a pretty cool video because she has a sign language interpreter in it with her.
Anyway, after class, I just hung out and went to bed early. Also, I want to share a few photos from class. One is from the class that Tim was at when he visited me and the other picture is from Friday night when we went to the musical.
Class when Tim visited
At the musical :)

Tuesday, February 25th

Tuesday at school was pretty good. I was slightly worried when I first got to school because I didn't get the message that we were supposed to wear silly hats to celebrate Carnaval, but luckily, another teacher had two, so I borrowed some Minnie Mouse ears from her. :) Also, can I just add that I saw at least three Guinness hats. Ha. That would not be allowed in the U.S. Anyway, the students are were already getting pretty excited and non-productive because of Carnaval activities. We got almost nothing done in Science, because the students had recess right before class and they practiced their dances and songs for Carnaval and they just all were wound up. Anyway, in the kindergarten class, I got to explain an activity in English to the students and they understood everything and did the activity correctly, so that's an accomplishment! :) After school, I had my class with Esther. We always have really interesting conversations and I am always mentally tested when it comes to English, like trying to explain the difference between a job and a career. I can always come up with an answer, but I am never positive and I am always second guessing myself. Ha. I just want to make sure that the answers I give are correct, so I always go home with a list of things to double check. Once I got home, I ate dinner and then headed over to Karin's to hang out with her and her parents. Also, her mom was nice enough to cut my hair! I thought that was soo great of her and it was really nice just to see and talk to them again. And I liked hearing what they have seen in Spain and what their thoughts are about Spain. After hanging out at Karin's for quite awhile, I just came home and chilled and then went bed.

Wednesday, February 26th

For Carnaval today, the students came to school with their faces painted and jeez Louise, I don't know where the parents got their talent, but there were some amazingly painted faces! Spiderman, the Joker, flowers, dogs, wolves, cheetahs, etc. It was amazing! And me? I put a smiley face sticker on my face. :P A couple students called me out for not painting my face, but that's okay. At lunch time, I made my Peter Pan costume for tomorrow, which was fun. Don't worry. You will see pictures. Today, in classes we worked on some animal vocabulary, learned some Carnaval vocabulary, and learned the parts of the tree in English. I once again didn't know the name of something in English, and that is the crown of a tree a.k.a. the branches, the leaves, and flowers, nuts, fruit, etc. that makes up the top of a tree (aka that cloud that you draw around a tree trunk when drawing a tree..haha). Did you know that that had a name? I did not. Ha.

Anyway, after school, I had private lessons that went really well, minus the fact that the present perfect vs. past simple assignment that I helped one of the girls with last week was supposed to be all in present perfect, but she said it didn't matter and she only got a few wrong. Plus, she got 10s (A+) on two of her English tests last week so I was proud of her for that! After lessons, I came home and relaxed and now I'm going to bed. I had every intention of packing tonight because Stephanie and I leave tomorrow night for Cádiz, but I will have plenty of time tomorrow night to pack because we are taking the overnight bus again and it doesn't leave until around midnight. So I will have all evening to pack. I hope all of you are doing well and I hope you are having a fantastic week so far. :) If I don't get the chance to blog tomorrow night, then I will talk to you all on Monday! :) Have a great weekend!

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