Saturday, April 26, 2014

No te pierdes

Tuesday, April 22nd

On Tuesday, it was back to school. I wasn't really looking forward to being back at school, but who ever is? I loved seeing the students and teachers, but I was just still so tired from break. I will say though that it was freezing in the school! I don't know why it was so cold, but everybody was feeling it. It was so cold and I was shivering all day. Anyway, in English, we reviewed what we did before break (toys and body parts) and in Science we reviewed as well (places in town and landscapes). Also, sad day (I could've predicted this), all of our plants died over break without being watered. I still think there is hope though, so we did water them. We will see where that gets us. After school I usually have the exchange with Esther, but I was still just so tired, so I cancelled on her. I had plans to get things done all evening, but I was just so tired when I got home and I really didn't feel too well so I just relaxed and was able to take a nap. Then, I got up and went for a 3ish mile run with Karin. It had warmed up outside so it was a good run. Once I got home, I got a few things done, but mostly just kept relaxing. I am excited to be home this weekend and not be traveling. Don't get me wrong though, I love traveling. Also, I should point out that Atlético de Madrid is in the semifinals of the Champions League, which is a European Union football competition. I also want to point out that Real Madrid is still in it and they have the most titles in the Champions League. The other two teams in it are Chelsea (from London) and the reigning champions Bayern Munich. I telling you this because on Tuesday night, I could hear the people at the stadium again. The final score was 0-0 Atlético vs. Chelsea.

Wednesday, April 23rd

On Wednesday, it was another typical day at school. In English, the students reviewed body parts and we also started teaching them about symmetry. They have already learned about it in math, but now they are just learning how to say if something is or isn't symmetrical in English. In Science, the students started learning about more professions: waiter, hairdresser, farmer, mechanic, etc. The book also takes this time to teach them random tools and equipment like fishing nets, fishing rod, spade, plow (spelled plough in British English), etc. On Wednesday in Spain, it was Día del Libro (Book Day). I looked it up to see if we celebrate it in the U.S. and it doesn't seem like we do, but it is apparently a pretty big deal here. They celebrate it in the majority of schools here and it is not out of the ordinary to receive a book and a rose as a gift on this day. Anyway, Día del Libro is on the 23rd because it was the death date of three pretty important authors in 1616: William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes (Spanish, wrote Don Quijote de la Mancha), and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (Peruvian, La Florida del Inca). Anyway, at lunch, we had a pot luck with all of the teachers and everyone brought in something from their village or hometown (yes, those can be two different things). I think I have talked about the concept of a village here before, but I'm sorry if I haven't. Anyway, long story short, there was a lot of food and I chose to bring something quick and easy and pretty U.S. American: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Yum! I thought it was gonna turn out bad (I'm sure some of you readers think it always turns out bad, ha.) because of lack of measuring cups, using butter, and different milk, but it actually was pretty normal tasting. After lunch, we had afternoon classes that went pretty normal and then I had my private lessons. All my lessons went really well. We talked about our Easter breaks and about book day. In school, they did a secret Santa sort of thing, where they had to buy a book for a student in their class. After classes, I went home and once again, Madrid was going crazy for football, like I said Real Madrid is in the top four and they played on Wednesday and beat Munich 1-0.

Thursday, April 24th

Thursday at school was a normal day. We did the pretty much the same things in class that we did on Wednesday. Then, after school, I had all of my private lessons, which went really well. Even though they all take up a bunch of time, it is nice to just help students practice their English conversation skills, plus the extra money isn't so bad...especially with all of the traveling I have been doing. My day was pretty good, until I got home. Once home, I heard that a boy from my home church had passed away. He was 21 years old and it was a pretty big shock for me. So I spent the rest of my night talking to my mom on the phone, trying to relax, and just remembering what an amazing boy he was. Even as I write this, I am still at a loss for words and it really is hard to believe sometimes that everything happens for a reason. However, I am happy to know that he is in a WAY better place now. If you could please, I know his family and friends would appreciate your prayers.

Friday, April 25th

Although I find it hard to continue writing about my week after my day on Thursday, I know that Anton would want nothing more than me and everyone else in this world to stand by the "Don't Miss Out" philosophy. So on Friday, I kept going and didn't miss out on the day or the people that were around me. I went to the P.E. class and the students acted out what they did for Easter break and the other students had to guess. Then, I had an English class where the students worked on the pronunciation of the "d." It was actually pretty difficult because it is hard for them to hear the difference between the "d" and "t." For example, some might not hear the difference between "card" and "cart." Or they think "robot" is "robod" and "bird" is "birt." Anyway, after that class, I had a kindergarten class and made some impressive Play-doh flowers and helped build a lego castle. Then, to finish the day off, I had the teachers' English class. We continued with our last lesson, which was ages ago and I had the teachers make up a story to practice using connectors. After school, I went home and went on a run with Karin. Then, I came back home, made a late lunch, and showered, and then Esther came over. Esther is taking an exam in June to become an English teacher and she has to write pretty much a whole curriculum and defend it, so she came over so that I could help her prepare her speech. We were re-wording things and practicing pronunciation and such. We didn't get all the way done, but it was cool that I could help her and honestly I enjoyed reading some of the stuff because I did study education, you know. Also, it was super cool seeing how she spelled things phonetically. I would say a word and she would phonetically spell it in Spanish to remember the pronunciation. I remember writing about this when I was in Peru, too. One hundred in Spanish becomes uán jandred, but even that is a loose pronunciation of the word. Anyway, it was a good night is what I'm getting at. After Esther left, I ate dinner and then went to a quiz night at the English book store in town with Karin, Stephanie, and Stephanie's friend who is visiting (who is also from Carthage). The quiz night was super fun, but we lost. But we rocked the first category, thanks to Karin, which was song lyrics. I only knew one of those "Livin' on a Prayer." Even though we lost, I think we get brownie points for grading the paper that won. :) Ha. After the quiz night, I got an overpriced coke at a bar and then went home. And that's that.

Saturday, April 26th

So it is 9 p.m. on Saturday as I write this and I have accomplished next to nothing today, which I feel kind of bad about especially because I haven't even begun to write my blogs from Easter break, but that's okay right? Everyone is entitled to a day like today, correct? I hope so. I know that I probably wasted the day, but because of traveling and because I will be traveling again next weekend. I think I just wanted to take a breath and literally do nothing. And don't worry I will get to blogging about my Easter break as soon as I can. :) I hope you all had "Don't Miss Out" weeks. :)

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