Sunday, June 15, 2014

Una semana larga

So it has been nine days since my last blog. I have all last week to blog about and two weekends. I'm not going to split it up into days, but just generally talk about everything significant that happened. I will tell you that it was a super long week though and a lot of things happened.

As for last weekend, we had a sleepover at Karin's apartment. We ate chocolate and popcorn and watch the movie, About a Boy. It was okay, but I wasn't in love with it. Also, my boyfriend ran a 200 mile relay race with some of his friends so I just want to give a shout out to him and tell him how proud I am and how crazy I think that he is! On Sunday morning, we hung out for a little bit and watched another movie, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which is a strange, but good movie. I got home in time to eat lunch and then I went to the park with Karin for a little bit to lay out, then I skyped Tim and my family. In between all of the fun, I did some more job searching and applied for a few positions. I was avoiding some of the applications because they involved more essay questions that I wasn't excited about answering, but when I went to the park on Monday, I spent my time in the sun and wrote those essays and it paid off..but we'll talk about that a little later.

Last week at school was a long, but good one. The students are finally finishing up their science projects. I just have one more class that has to present them and they are taking their science and English books home, tomorrow (Monday) so we worked a lot last week on finishing up all of the activities in the book that the students never finished. That took a lot of work and was somewhat stressful, but it was also somewhat relaxing to just sit down surrounded by a group of students asking for help. Also, the kindergartners graduated this week and although I didn't get to see them graduate, I did get to see them come in their adorable outfits to school. :) And again, I revealed my hidden talent of play-doh sculptures to the students and they were pretty impressed (once again, I will only ever be cool with 1st graders), but to be honest, I was WAY more impressed by the two boys who had drawn out a soccer field with the clay and they were playing finger soccer with a rolled up piece of play-doh. It was pretty sweet.

I also had my two Spanish classes (one individual, one class). During the individual class, my instructor had me do really good speaking activities, which was really helpful. I can't believe my last classes will be this week. I hope to stay in contact with my professor, because he's great and has great resources.

On Tuesday, I had an impromptu e-mail screening for a job, which went well. And Esther came over on Tuesday night so that I could help her with her stuff. She also helped me with my final reflection paper that I had to write about this year and the program that I participated in.

Thursday was a stressful day towards the end, but school was good and lunch was delicious and super filling because our school put on a lunch for the staff. But it wasn't just your regular old lunch, it was a four-course meal. Normally, I would think of a four-course meal as a small salad, a small soup, an entree, and dessert, but heck no was that what this was! We had four appetizers (Spanish ham, stuffed peppers, shrimp, and goat cheese something or other), a fish entree complete with vegetables, a piña colada to switch up the flavor, a steak entree, and a dessert! I thought I was going to explode..seriously! I didn't eat all of my fish, I barely ate half of my steak, and they might as well have not brought me the cheesecake! It was ridiculous, but so good! I felt bad for not eating it all. Anyway, lunch was so good, but I was also freaking out through the whole thing because it started at 3, and I had to make it home for an interview (that came out of the e-mail screening) at 6:30 p.m. I kind of had to eat and run, which was unfortunate, but I did make it home with about 15 minutes to spare thankfully. I kind of walking on the wild side. I thought that the interview went well, but of course I have thought that for the past few and they didn't ask me to move on in the process, which again is fine. Everything happens for a reason. But yea, after the stressful day, I sat down and watched the first (of the new versions) Planet of the Apes movie because when I return to the U.S. (which is in 8 days, I might add) I want to see the second one. It's a good movie, I would suggest it.

On Friday, there was a charity race at school, which was fun for the students, but also dangerous. They just ran around the building once, but so many kids fell and scraped up their hands and knees. At least most of them were pretty tough and could handle the scraps and bruises. Also, on Friday, I had another interview for a different position and again, I thought it went really well and, this time, I was right. I have been asked to move forward in the interview process and I am pretty excited about it! And what's even more exciting is that I will have my second interview when I'm home in a little over a week! My first in-person interview!

Anyway, after that, I got to relax for the weekend a little bit. I did have to complete a few things for my "hiring packet"..that's right, I have a hiring packet!, which seems pretty important, but they were pretty simple things, because they were things that I already had completed, but just tweaked a little. Anyway, Friday night, I went to Stephanie's apartment to watch Spain play the Netherlands in their first World Cup game. Spain's team is the reigning champions and they beat the Netherlands to win, so this first game was a pretty big one. Unfortunately, Spain got killed. They lost 1-5 and we got to see the coolest goal ever!
Anyway, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't really have an interest in the game, but it was fun to watch, but I am definitely a bigger fan of the Olympics. So, if you're like me and don't really keep up with the FIFA World Cup and you want to this year or if you want to just know more about it, click here, to read a list of 10 things that non-soccer fans need to know about the world cup.

On Saturday, I spent the majority of my time at two of my private lesson students' house. I gave a two-hour private lesson to the older girl and her friend (who I also tutored during the whole year) because their final is tomorrow. After the lesson though, they had invited me to stay for lunch and I'm glad I did. We had lasagna and it was delicious! Also, we had appetizers that consisted of Spanish ham and I can honestly say now that the Spanish ham is growing on me..not literally, but figuratively. I still don't think I would crave it, but it is good. :) After lunch, we played two games, Trionimo (which is like Dominos, but three-sided) and Hedbanz (which is like 20 questions). They were both really fun and I want to get Hedbanz in my classroom, because it's a great way to practice Spanish! :) Anyway, it was a fun afternoon/evening and they got me a really nice goodbye gift.
Playing Trionimos
Once I got home, I got to see my roommate's new video that will be debuting on Friday. It's still in the "safe" so you can't see it yet, but I can show you the promotional video, which is also really cool!

Today, Sunday, ends this blog after a very long week, but exciting week. I went to church this morning with Karin and then we met up with Stephanie to go to the Rastro. I guess it never gets old looking at the same things all of the time. Ha. After that, I came home for a little bit, but then left to go lay out at the park with the girls. Then, Karin and Stephanie came over for a little bit and played Lucía's guitar and sang. Then, I skyped my wonderful dad for Father's Day and my mom (she's wonderful, too). And now..well, now it is super late and I have another long, and last, week ahead of me. Even though this is my last week in Madrid and in Spain for awhile, I hope to find time to keep you updated and start to reflect on the year that I have had here! :)

Enjoy your week!

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