Saturday, June 7, 2014

El rey Juan Carlos I abdica

Monday, June 2nd

On Monday, I got up a half hour earlier and started school a half hour earlier because of the schedule change. I had a science class to begin with and the students did their presentations on jobs and they did so well! It was so cute! Then, I had a new class that I have never worked with before. They had English and we started the class with introductions and then they asked me some questions and then we went on learning about the beach vocabulary. Then, it was breakfast time and then, I had a P.E. class outside with Esther. The students were jump roping, but they were pretty wound up just because class was outside, so they didn't do a lot of jumping. Ha. After school, I came home and worked on some things. I went grocery shopping and just hung out waiting for my Spanish class. I had my private Spanish lesson and the regular group one and both of them went really well. I can't believe the time is winding down. On Monday it was the official three weeks left mark. Wow.

In other big news, the King of Spain announced that he is abdicating the throne, so that has been pretty big news in Spain this week. After Spanish class, Karin and I saw a helicopter in the air so we figured something was going on for the King of Spain's abdication, but little did we know this was going on...
It's a huge rally in the center of Madrid to support the end of the monarchy in Spain and the start of a republic. Unfortunately for all of those ralliers, Prince Felipe (who is an Olympic yachtsmen, which I think is cool..Juan Carlos was one, too) will be taking over the throne on June 19th. I'm not going to act like I am 100% informed on everything, but I will tell you what I know. I know that the monarchy is pretty unpopular amongst some people (and some people still want it). I know that one of the princesses is undergoing a tax fraud and money laundering trial with her husband. And I also know that people seem to like Prince Felipe the most out of the whole royal family. Haha. Although, noone can deny that King Juan Carlos had a good 39 year reign as king. Dictator Francisco Franco restored the monarchy in Spain and named Juan Carlos as his successor when he died in hopes that he would continue the dictatorship; however, Juan Carlos moved Spain to a democracy. In recent years, I think with Spain's economy, the allegations of the princess, and the health of the King, the royals image has decreased. That's just what I have observed from my time here, but we will see what happens in the future. Maybe someday Spain will be a republic, but I don't think it will be anytime soon and who knows, maybe the change of the throne will be a good thing. It will definitely be cool to be here when the switch happens. Anyway, that was my and Spain's Monday. How was your's?

Tuesday, June 3rd

On Tuesday, I had a full day of school and by full I mean that I finished at 1 p.m. Ha. I came home and did a little more grocery shopping to get a few more things. Speaking of, I underestimated my roll of toilet, I am on my last roll of toilet paper until I leave. Haha. Anyway, school was pretty typical from what I can remember. The students are working on their science projects still and the kindergartners are still rehearsing for their graduation next week. Their songs and dances are so cute. Tuesday afternoon, I met with Esther and we had our exchange and I helped her on her English syllabus design defense that she has to give in less than a month. After she left, I ate dinner and went to bed.

Wednesday, June 4th

On Wednesday, school was the same old thing: science projects and kindergarten rehearsals. The real fun came after school. I went to lunch and a movie with some of the teachers at my school. We went to a wok place for lunch and it was delicious. I had been craving Chinese food for awhile so I was happy to finally get some. Also, the movie afterwards was so good. It was Divergent and it came from a book series so there will be more movies, which I am excited about. I really liked the storyline and I always enjoy watching movies in Spanish, plus I love the movies, in general. I would recommend it.

Thursday, June 5th

Thursday was a pretty frustrating day at school just because the kids are getting antsy and everyone is getting tired of the science project, including myself and the other teachers. On Wednesday, I took recess away from three students so on Thursday, I had stayed with them during recess and they had to work on their science project and they actually did a fantastic job. So proud of them, even though they were really frustrating on Wednesday when they first got punished. Also, I am getting sick again, which is really annoying, but I've been guzzling down tea and honey, so it should go away soon. :) Also, Thursday afternoon ended well because the students got to be outside and planting trees and flowers, which I think they were excited about, but I was quite terrified. You give about 60 students hoes and shovels and who knows what will happen. I was just nervously watching students mindlessly swinging the tools around. It was freaking me outside. Plus kids were starting to toss rocks, which reminded me of the time that I was helping my aunt move rocks and I accidentally chucked one at her face. I'm still sorry about that by the way, Aunt Donna. ;) Anyway, despite me being nervous no one got hurt and they had a lot of fun.
After school, I relaxed and was pretty unproductive, but I did turn in one more job application, which I guess counts for some productivity. Then, I went to bed. I have so much extra time on my hands now and it has made this week go by super slowly, which I was not expecting. It's possible that the time is going slower because it is getting closer to my flight home. 

Friday, June 6th

Well, it's the last day of the week. Two more weeks of school left, that's crazy. Anyway, school was really good today. The students worked so well in both P.E. and Science. They are so close to being done with the project. It will be good when they are done. During the last class of the day, I got to play with tinker toys and made some cars and the students called me an experta at building them. It made me feel pretty cool among the 1st graders, ha. I guess I should accept that younger children will be the only people who ever think I'm cool. Ha. :D Once I got home, I just chilled out. Again, avoiding all that is productive with the exception of writing this blog. Hopefully, I find the motivation to do things this weekend and maybe apply for more jobs. On Friday night, Stephanie, Karin, and I went to the quiz night, which we didn't do so hot at. Our best category was musical literacy and the other ones were female royalty, fictional doctors, and world cup capitals...gah. We've been there twice and we haven't won at all; however, both times we graded the winners paper. Apparently our luck is going in the wrong direction. It's okay though at least we are helping someone win. :)

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