Monday, January 9, 2012

Mi regreso y evolución

So I have returned to Carthage for J-term.  For those of you who don't know, J-term stands for January term and here at Carthage it's supposedly the best time of the year.  What happens during J-term is that you take a class for three hours a day everyday for the month of January and you usually get 4 credits for it.  How great is that?!  In my opinion it's a great way to get those extra credits in during the year and it's the best way to either have fun with your class or take a class that you don't want to take for an entire semester!!  So what's my class this year do you ask?  Teaching Evolution Theories!  What the heck is that?  Well, it would be a class that combines both Biology and Education.  It deals with evolution, the controversy of evolution, and how/if it should be taught in schools.  I wasn't really looking forward to taking the class at first, but surprisingly I have really enjoyed it so far!  For the past week, we have been learning about evolution and I read a book called "The Beak of the Finch" in a matter of five days and it was actually a pretty good book.  It talked all about studies that have been done on the finches and their evolution on the Galapagos Islands (near Ecuador).  I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Oh no, Andrea is going to start believing that we evolved from apes and all of that non-sense!"  Well, if you actually take the time to learn about it that's not what evolution is at all.  Evolution just deals with the changes and development of species and according to science it is a fact.  Also, come to find out, evolution doesn't say we evolved from apes because if that were true then there would be no apes on the earth today.  It just says that we have common ancestors.  Well, I know that this may still conflict with some of your religious views, but no worries.  Tomorrow, we are starting our "Controversy" section and we are going to begin discussing Evolution vs. Creationism so I will be able to fill you in on that more later.  Anyway, I guess the jist is that I'm really liking my J-term class for the first time in the past two years and it's cool to learn about something that I've never really bothered to learn before.  My first test is tomorrow so wish me luck!

Anyway, although I like my class, this has been an interesting week.  I didn't really experience culture shock when I first returned to the U.S., but coming back to Carthage it kind of hit me that I wasn't in Perú taking Católica classes with all of the wonderful people I met there.  I had a few days of missing Perú, but I'm kind of over it.  But, of course, there will always be a part of me that loved Perú and all of the things I experienced there.  Also, Tonisha is coming to visit me this week which is beyond exciting!!!  I'm sure I'll blog about our adventures in Kenosha at a future date!

Okay, now on to the not-so-depressing "I miss Perú" spiel.  Let's talk about the great things that have been happening to me since I've been back.

1. Tonisha is coming! :)
2.  My roommate, Taylor, and I got to sit down and watch Grey's Anatomy together and we will also be watching Glee tomorrow night!
3.  I went shopping with three of my best friends and got a new skirt and dress that I don't really have a use for yet, but that are super cute!
4.  I got the chance to eat dulce de leche ice cream which is similar to manjarblanco in Perú!
5.  I become thoroughly excited every time I hear someone speaking Spanish, which has actually happened more than I thought it would (especially at the mall).
6.  I got the chance to talk to some of my fellow study abroaders who studied in Spain last semester.
7.  I have come to really like sushi and we have it on campus now so I am usually satisfied with the food I'm eating, even though it's no lomo saltado.  Oh, by the way, I have made lomo saltado once since I've been back.
8.  I have been dancing...A LOT!!  This is probably my number 1 favorite thing about being back!  Remember my New Year's Resolution workout... Yea, well I've only done it once because I decided that I would only do it on the days that I don't dance.  I mean I have missed two days of the workout, but come on!  I have dance practices/rehearsals for five days out of the week!  And guess what?  I'm not complaining at all!  I LOVE IT!!  I love being back on the Iluzion Hip Hop dance team and I'm loving rehearsing for two of the pieces that I will be in for our Spring Dance show!

So pretty much although it has been a little difficult getting back into the swing of things, it's been great being back, especially because of dance.  No matter what negative feelings I may be having at some points in time, whether it be stress, reverse culture shock, sadness, etc., I always feel better once I'm dancing. :)  Which is just perfect!  Do you have something that you like to do to relieve stress?  If not, you should find something! :)  Also, having friends helps!  That's another thing, I have loved being able to catch up with all of my friends!  Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful week!  I'm sure I will talk to you soon!!

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