Thursday, August 30, 2012

El fin del verano

Okay, I sit hear wondering how in the world I'm going to catch up on a month's worth of blogs.  Oops, I didn't exactly mean to get so far behind, but that's okay.  So here's what I've been doing for the last month:

-Watching the Olympics and cross-stitching up a storm.  I finished my summer cross-stitch project!
-Visiting my grandma and grandpa.  Also, I got to see my sister, aunt, and baby cousin.  Had such an amazing time and I got to eat a home-cooked meal!  Thanks, Grandma!

-Witnessing the "passing down of the red blazer."  What does that mean, you ask?  For 25 years, President Campbell (President of Carthage College) sported a Carthage Red blazer at different sporting events.  He made that red blazer famous on campus and now President Campbell has retired, but his red blazer lives on as there was a ceremony to pass down the blazer to our new president, Gregory Woodward.  If your interested in learning more about our new President click here.

-Going to the Kenosha Drive-in to see Total Recall with Tim. :)

-Going to the Kenosha Public Museum with Tim.
At the museum
Holding the sloth! (Like I did in Peru) :)
-Getting my school books in the mail..that may not seem exciting, but this is my last semester of college courses, because next semester I will be student teaching..gah!

-Attending/working an event at the Milwaukee Art Museum to welcome and introduce our new president to alumni.  The venue was gorgeous, but I will never have my wedding reception there because it's $10,000 just for the space. :/

-Eating a good share of sushi.  I just started liking it within the past 8 months and am now addicted.

-Going back to my childhood and watched The Iron Giant--such a cute movie!

-Writing and re-writing essays for the Fulbright Scholarship.  For those of you who are unaware, the Fulbright program is "the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government and is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries."  Pretty much, I am applying (among many other U.S. students) for a prestigious award that will allow me to go to Colombia after I graduate to teach English.  It's a lengthy process to apply, but I'm REALLY hoping I get it!! (Learn more at

-Starting another application for a English teaching position in Spain (as a back-up if I don't get the Fulbright)

-Finishing my student teaching application

-Moving into my room for the school year (the same room I have had for all four years now) and my roommate, Taylor, is here, too!!!

-Attending/working other events to welcome and introduce Carthage's new president to alumni at Trump tower, Harry Caray's, and in Carthage, Illinois.
View from the 17th floor in Trump tower
Hannah and I at Trump
-Bringing Tim home with me to see my hometown, meet my friends, and meet some of my family--which reminds me, Tim has the pictures from that trip on his camera, so I can't put any up :(

-Going mini-golfing (aka putt putt golfing) with Tim

-Spending a much needed week at home--watching movies, spending time with my family, cross-stitching, working on applications, shopping with my mom, etc.

-Putting up lights in the room (Thanks for the help, Mom!!)

-Seeing a double rainbow over the lake!

-Watching So You Think You Can DanceBig Brother, Secret Life, and Bun heads, religiously

-Not blogging

-Saying goodbye to summer and hello to the school year

Students are one-by-one returning to campus and by this time next week, the school year will be in full swing!  I hope you all had amazing summers, because I know I did!

What is your favorite memory from this summer?


  1. My favorite memory is when you, Jess, Brucher, Ryan, Terry and I went camping at Devil's Lake :-)

  2. What happened in the fall semester?