Sunday, April 29, 2012


I don't even know where to begin this blog post.  It's been too long and so much has happened (including the formatting of Google Blogger :/) and I have a few people on me about writing a blog.  So here it is.  Let's start with about four weeks ago, right before Easter... :)

My mom, dad, and I on Easter Sunday
Okay, so nothing really happened right before Easter except I started another class called Concepts of Physical Fitness, which is a required one credit course.  Pretty much it's a class that promotes fitness and wellness after college.  So far in that class, we've walked a mile, did an Insanity workout (which is similar to P90X, if you know what that is), and learned about stress, nutrition, and sleep. :)  Also, we got to see Coach Boone (the coach that inspired the movie Remember the Titans) speak because he came to Carthage.  My favorite thing that he said was this:  "If day breaks and you don't plan to make a difference, take your butt back to bed."  That's a good quote to live by if you ask me!  Anyway, then I went home for a short Easter break!  I got to see my family and go to church and just be home, which is always great!

Once, I got back to school, things didn't slow down at all (hence, me not writing a blog in a month).  I'm still working on my thesis.  I now have 13 and a half pages out of 15 written and the final draft is due in exactly two weeks.  I have a practice presentation this week and then my final presentation is in 11 days.  I can't believe it!  I've been working on this thing all semester and it's almost over!!!  I'm going to be so relieved when I'm done with it.  It really is going well though I think.  I'm becoming more and more prepared as the days press on.  I had a project in my education class that involved making a unit plan (5 days worth of lesson plans) and I knew that I was in the right profession because they were soo fun to make.  I really liked being creative with the assignments, projects, etc. and it makes me excited to be a teacher.  However, we did have students who are student teaching right now come into class and they told both good and bad stories from the schools they're at.  Student teaching is definitely going to be an adventure.  I can't wait until this blog turns into a blog where I tell you all about my crazy student teaching experiences.

Also, I've had a lot of meetings and tutoring sessions lately.  I found out that all of my credits from Peru transferred back to Carthage which is REALLY good news and means that I will graduate on time!  Also, I decided to stay at Carthage this summer to work which is both good and bad.  I'm soo excited for the summer because I will be making money and a lot of my friends will be here, too, but also, I know I will miss being home.  Anyway, I also had a meeting for everyone that plans to student teach in the spring of 2013, which was crazy.  We got our student teaching applications and it all became a little more real that this time next year I will be in a classroom teaching students Spanish!!!  Also, speaking of teaching Spanish, I went to observe at a middle school here in Kenosha and who would guess that the teacher I would observe was Peruvian!!!!!!!  I was SOOOO excited!!!  I couldn't hold my excitement in that day!  It definitely was a highlight of the semester to meet my first Peruvian in the United States!  Anyway, she of course asked about my experience in Peru and the food. :)  And it was my pleasure to share that I love her country!!! :)

For fun lately, I've been hanging out with friends and watching movies.  The "recent" movies I've seen are How to Train your Dragon, Hercules, and I went to see Titanic again in the theaters!!!  First of all, How to Train your Dragon is such a cute movie, so you should see it!  Hercules is just your classic kid's movie!  And Titanic,'s a classic, too!  I was probably a little to excited to see that in theaters, but when it first came out (in 1997), I saw it in theaters.  I specifically remember it because it was exciting to be 7 years old and going to see a PG-13 movie in theaters.  It was a part of history and it was supposed to be a great movie, so my family went together to the theaters to see it.  It was so cool to see it in the theaters again also because the big screen and sound just makes it that much more remarkable!!
Tim and I at the International Dinner
Also, for fun I went to an International dinner held here at Carthage.  It's a dinner that consists of different international foods and entertainment.  It was my first year going and it was really cool, plus all of the proceeds went to a cause called The Girl Effect, it's a really good cause and if you want to learn more about it, click here.  Also, I went to Georgia for a family wedding.  Yep, that's right, Georgia!  That's the first time that I've been to Georgia, so I can mark that state off of my list.  Also, it was really nice weather so I was happy to get that for at least a weekend.  However, the drive down and back was long, obviously.
On the River Walk in Savannah, GA
Okay, a few last things on my fun things I've done list are celebrate a few of my friend's 21st birthdays, I went to my first real sushi restaurant (which was good!), and last night I went and saw The Drowsy Chaperone, which is the musical that was put on here at Carthage this semester!  It was soo good!!  All of the actors did a fantastic job!!!!  Also, Iluzion (the hip hop dance team) started having rehearsals again because we are going to perform at a local middle school in a few weeks.  Obviously, I've been busy, but don't worry because as you can see I've been having lots of fun, too!!! :)

Anyway, I'm really sorry that it took me sooo long to write another blog and I'm sorry that it's long, but I hope it was worth your while to read it!  Hopefully, I will talk to you in less than four weeks!!  Happy Spring!!! :)

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