Sunday, February 19, 2012

Finde en Chicago

So I had an awesome weekend!  It started with spending time with my awesome college friends on Friday night and on Saturday I had two dance rehearsals, but the best part was going to Chicago to surprise one of my High school friends for her birthday.  Her fiancé was awesome and arranged for a ton of her friends to stay in a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and we all made it a surprise for her!!!  The big surprise was actually on Friday, but since I had rehearsals on Saturday, I had to go late.  I was sad I missed the big surprise, but I'm glad I got to extra surprise her because she had no clue I was coming still.  I hopped on a train on Saturday and got to the Hard Rock Hotel just in time.  The whole group was getting back to the hotel from dinner when I showed up and I just jumped on the elevator with them!!  She was surprised to see me and I was happy to be there, too!!!!
Me and my six best friends!!
We just hung out at the hotel all night and it was great.  The next morning, we slept in and then everyone headed out.  It was a short lived weekend, but still so much fun!  My train didn't leave until the afternoon so I got to hang out with Jess for a little bit longer before I left.  We walked around Chicago and ate Panera and, most importantly, we took public transportation.  Man, I haven't taken public transportation or been in a city since Peru and let me tell's really different and I kind of miss it.  Chicago public transportation and the traffic is so boring. :)  Where were the micros and the cobradors and why were the buses not packed full?  And what's up with using a prepaid card to get on the bus?!  I miss the soles.  And where was the Spanish music in the background or why were there no vendors coming on to the buses selling who knows what?!  Why was the sun out and why did it not have that Lima smell?  Needless to say, Chicago and Lima are two very different, but amazing cities!!  I love them both!  Both are unique in there own ways!!  Anyway, that's my weekend in a nutshell.  I guess I'll leave you with another picture from the city! :)
View from the 34th floor of the Hard Rock Hotel

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