Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hola Peru!!

So I'm pretty tired after today, but I feel like I owe you guys an entry so you know how my day was.  Well first and foremost I'll say that I am safe in Lima at the La Paz Apart Hotel.  It's actually pretty nice.  I can't wait to crash in bed.  I will have a roommate, but she has not arrived yet so I might not meet her until morning.  I will be at this hotel doing orientation-like things and then I move in with my host family on Sunday.

Okay so let's start from 6ish this morning...
I got on a plane flew to Fort Lauderdale then to Lima.  The End.

Just kidding I guess I'll write more than that.  My first flight to Fort Lauderdale was delayed by like an hour, but it was okay, it didn't affect my connecting flight at all.. which is good!  Flying to Florida I pretty much slept the entire way and then once I got there I realized that I was so excited for Lima that I didn't even realize that that was my first time ever in Florida!  Who cares though right? I was on my way to Peru! :)  My connecting flight was also delayed by an hour because a guy wasn't feeling well so he didn't get on the plane.  Therefore, for safety reasons and customer service they had to find his luggage under the plane.  Luckily for me, the guy was most likely supposed to sit right next to me because I ended up with an empty seat next to me on a nearly full plane.  It was pretty nice to have the extra space on a 5 hour flight.  Also, I want to give props to anybody that is in the air traffic control business.  That has got to be stressful!!!  As I sat on the plane, we were waiting in line to take off.  I saw two planes take off and one plane land in the matter of what felt like 2 minutes and then we took off on that exact same runway.  It was crazy.

As we started our descent into Lima, I got kind of anxious.  I am not a big fan of landing in the first place and then add the night time...let's just say I was a little nervous.  I couldn't tell if we were over land or ocean.  Turns out when we got past all the clouds we were over the Pacific Ocean and it actually turned out to be a pretty landing.  I could see many boats with their lights on on the ocean and the lights of Lima were awesome as well.  At the airport obviously I made it through immigration and customs all right or else I wouldn't be here typing this blog.

I met 3 other students from my same program at the airport and we got in a van (a mercedes van :)) to this hotel.  So what can I tell you about Lima so far...the weather is nice.  It's about 17 degrees (Celcius that is), which is about 63.  The drivers are crazy just like any other city.  There's a lot of speed bumps randomly in the road and when you're in the back of a van it's not the most fun.  There are many casinos here.  Ironically the first American song I heard here was "American Woman," followed by love songs like "You Can't Hurry Love" and you know the one from the movie "Ghost." :)  Peruvians have to boil their water before they drink it.

I think that's all I have for you as of now.  I'm really sorry if this is boring for you to read.  This blog might turn into more of a journal for myself rather than entertainment for you, but try to stick with me.  I'm sure it will get more exciting!  I mean it IS only my first night here!! Buenas noches!


  1. I guess I will be the first to comment.
    Your flight was only 5 hours to Lima? Thats nuts. Mine was like 9. I didn't think it was that much farther than Peru. Chileans also have to boil their water before they drink it. Made me feel reallll comfortable to drink the water. Recuerde, evite las bandas de la flauta. Recuerdo cuando estaba en Chile que todas las casas tenían cercas del cemento con las botellas quebradas en tapa. Hay muchos perros? That is all for now. Buenas noches y buena suerte.

  2. I wonder how long it will be until you are writing your entries in Spanish and I have to bookmark Google Translator..

    Glad you landed safe, but I am kinda disappointed that you didn't have to sit by smelly people on the plane. That would have been much more comical.

  3. Yes, my flight to Lima was 5 hours from Fort Lauderdale, but it felt longer. For anyone that is interested in the flight path we did pass over the eastern part of Cuba then cut towards Panama and went south over the isthmus and also hit the western part of Colombia and Ecuador. I actually feel pretty good after drinking the water so far. No I have not seen many dogs (not as many as I did in Costa Rica anyway). Also, I probably won't start writing entries in Spanish entirely, but maybe a few words here and there.