Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today was filled with more orientation.  For those of you who are worried about my safety, don't worry I learned sooo much about safety and precautions.  Along with more types of food, transportation, and we learned more about living with a host family.  Between all the orientations we again went to a buffet styled restaurant for lunch called Jose Antonio.  I decided not to try the ceviche again today, however I did try many other Peruvian dishes and drinks including lomo saltado, algarrobina, Inca Kola, choritos a la chalaca, flan, and chirimoya.  Let's just say that I've been extremely experimental with my food, especially at the buffets, which also means that I will probably end up eating guinea pig here at some point (for those of you who don't know guinea pig or cuy is a delicacy in Peru).  For dinner tonight though I played it pretty safe with some pizza americano and frozen lemonade. :)  Also, I took my first trip to the store today, unfortunately it wasn't a usual grocery store or anything, but it was a computer store.  I learned a new word though, which is always exciting!!  The word is cargador..guess what it means?!  If you guessed charger, you are right!!  Now for a fun little story..

Once upon a time there was a girl who was trying to write a blog on her computer to tell the world about her fun new experiences.  With her outlet adapter and converter in hand, she plugged in her computer so that she could charge it.  Suddenly, she heard a weird buzzing noise and realized it was coming from her charger..she unplugged her computer and decided that she would write her blog and charge her computer at a later time.  Several hours later, after a meal, she decides to give it another shot.  She plugs in everything and the charger is still making the noise. :(  She unplugs and plugs it back in when unexpectedly the outlet sparks and glows and she rapidly unplugs it once more!  Now scared of being electrically shocked, the poor girl takes about 10 minutes to regain courage to try once more.  She very cautiously plugs everything in once more and thankfully nothing happens, but she realizes her charger is dead.

Now although this story is tragic (and by tragic I mean not tragic at all) there are actually a couple benefits that come from it!  1. I learned the word cargador 2. Another student and I got to get to know the streets a little more by walking to the computer store together 3. I now have a new cargador that does not need an adapter or converter!

Let's see what else can I tell you that I have recognized..Peru has a volleyball team and there was a pretty exciting girls game tonight between Peru and Belgium! Peru won!!  There are many stray cats and they congregate in parks and people feed them.  Guys seem very protective of their women while walking down the street.

Oh and finally the most exciting news!!  I get to meet and move in with my host family tomorrow so watch for a post so you can meet my host family too!!


  1. First of all, I told you to bring a knife with you for protection!

    Second of all, my charger shocked me the other day and it didn't hurt but it surprised me so much I nearly fell over.

    Third, of course the men are protective of their women, there is a dangerous white girl walking the streets!

    I can't believe that Belgium has a volleyball team

  2. Thats no good your charger died but i can relate...remember last year how mine died?!?! It was making a high pitched noise as well..same thing you were hearing, and then died!! But at least you found a new one. Also, it's funny how you talk about ceviche because i watch PBS every weekend at home and the mexican food guy is always making it...actually made some today!!!